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Windshield Fluid is very oily again! Nissan Altima

iam_astroboyiam_astroboy Cleveland OhioPosts: 1
edited May 2014 in Nissan

Hello All,

The windshield fluid for my 2012 Altima has oil in it again! when I ran the windshield wipers this morning the windshield cleaning fluid came out milky and oily! thus, it left a thin film of oil on the windshield and make the windshield look dirty and very cloudy! This has happened 3 months ago. last time it happended, I ran the windshield container fluid empty and clean it very good before I put the windshield fluid back in. it then stop the oil fluid but until now it comes back!

I am dumbfounded. I only go to the same Nissan service facility. I can't imagine that it is possible for some kind of oil leak into the windshield wiper container!

I am taking the car to Nissan service on Wed. and see what or if they can find out how it happens!

I just wonder if anyone experienced such an issue for Altima Windshield fluids!



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