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Have you ever noticed the Window Sticker prices
and then noticed an "official" looking sticker for
added dealer "options?"

Have you ever noticed this is an area where the
biggest ripoffs occur when buying a new vehicle?

Have you ever noticed these options sometimes
include a "Protection Package" such as undercoating
or "soundproofing" and/or a "fabric care" package
(that take about 2 hrs to do) and add anywhere from
$900 to $1400 to the cost of the vehicle over and
above the list price?

Have you ever noticed that most manufacturer
advertising booklets such as found in dealer
showrooms DO NOT recommend these add ons as they
are included in the production of the vehicle or
guarantee rust through protection for 6
years/60,000 miles.

Have you ever noticed dealer installed options
that include "Stripes and/or Moldings" for about
$800 extra?

Give me a break!!

These dealers should be avoided at all costs and
have "shyster" written all over their showrooms.


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    AMEN...There is a sucker born every minute, and thats the delivery room!
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    One quick comment on the rust warrenty. It has to rust all the way through the metal not just show up. If is rusts through in 6 years get a new car fast.
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    Beware of any dealer who adds options beyond those indicated on the factory window sticker. I'd be hesitant to buy dealer options unless I knew how much they cost if I ordered them from somewhere like JC Whitney. At least I would have some kind of reference to know how big their markup is. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't buy them from the dealer, but I'd negotiate the price if they were high.

    A common ploy by many dealerships is to put a tag in the front window that indicates the window sticker, plus a dealer markup, and then a final sales price. This ploy is used to make people think that the area of negotiations is the dealer markup amount between the MSRP window sticker and the indicated sales price. Of course, we all know that the true negotiating area is betwen dealer invoice and MSRP. It's not unethical for a dealer to do this, but it is a marketing ploy. I guess it would be asking too much to get them to put the dealer invoice price in the window next to the MSRP.
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    These dealer-installed options are almost impossible to avoid if you're buying from the lot. Dealers slap this mess on a car or truck as soon as it comes in off the carrier, then charge you for it. You'll hear stuff like "I'll throw in floor mats and Scotchgard free if you make the deal". Free? No, what will happen is either a reduced trade-in value, or a lesser discount than you would expect to get. They will get that money back before you drive home with it. I've seen some of these losers actually put thghis junk on ORDERED vehicles, with the secondary sticker on it! When I ordered my Ram, there were some Mopar accessories I wanted on it. The dealer gave me a price we agreed on (which included the installation labor), and the truck was delivered with all I asked and nothing I didn't, but no secondary stickers.

    Dealers that install these high-pack options also tend to draw you in with "loss-leaders". The ones with the full-page ad in the Sunday paper or the signs in the dealer windows bragging about $199 leases on $25,000 vehicles. When you get there, that one truck that was "$4000 off MSRP" is either not there, or something no one wants - you're then steered to the truck you DO/WOULD want, with all that BS added on it. Bait-and-switch is illegal in all 50 states - if you experience it, report it!
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    I am a veteran of buying new cars and I have a host of dealers in my area that do both: add on these options as you stated as soon as they are off the truck and those who never attempt this ploy. The "dealer option adders" dealerships are also "meatgrinders" complete with high pressure [non-permissible content removed] and a visit from the "TO" (takover) man to caress you into a sale. Needless to say, you know which dealers I have visited and I have always gotten a better price from the "low pressure" dealers anyhow. Fortunately, all three major US pickup truck makers have multiple dealerships no more than 15 minutes from my home.

    I talked to one Tech that used to work at one of these high pressure, "dealer added options" (Chevrolet in this instance) dealerships which charged $1295 for a "Pro Pac" (protection package). It takes one of their people, and not a skilled "Tech," about 90 minutes to throw the vehicle up on the lift to do a half-assed undercoat job, which isn't necessary according to any brochure, and spray "Scotchguard" on the seats (which GM already does). That's about $800 an hour less materials! Almost what you guys make! Dunbarton
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    Albeit it a hassle, this "add-on" stuff is nothing new. Don't like it? JUST LEAVE. It really is that simple. Keep in mind that the dealer wants to move inventory. They will give in if you say simply:" I want that vehicle for this price" Hand them your phone number and leave. My brother-in-law did this for a Maxima. The dealer called him up one hour later and the deal was set.
    What happens if they refuse? Oh well, there are other dealers. Its not like that cars are unique and rare commodities! I do understand frustration with the B.S. but counter it with stern handling. This offsets any person more so than blowing up at them or not saying anything at all.
    It sucks, but you won't have to see the guy for another five years at least.
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    Ever worked on a vehicle that had undercoating on it? It's such a mess. Tools are covered in tar from that crap. There's a Dodge dealer here in Louisville that undercoats all the inventory for a low, low price of $995. Hard to pass that up--NOT.
    A excellent book to read before going to a dealership is Remar Sutton's "Don't get taken every time".

    Screw the dealerships before they screw you!

    Have a nice day.
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    Nascar6: Couldn't agree more about "Don't get taken every time". That book is an abolute necessity when it comes to buying a vehicle.

    On a side note, I agree with everything you mentioned in your profile except booing Rusty!!
    Gordon and Earnhardt, I agree, but Rusty!!??!??! I'm also a NASCAR fan (going to 6 races this year)
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113

    I have only one thing to say about Rusty, WAAAH!

    However, this is all in good 'nascar competition' fun.
    See you in the Tyler Tower at Darlington- if you're going to it.
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    Whatever, Gordon was crying like a baby after Richmond! Wallace didn't say a thing last year at Bristol after Gordon bumped him out of first. Sorry for leaving the subject but I have to defend Rusty. Forgive me.
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    Wallace couldn't drive a New York City taxi ..
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    There is a very big difference between a nudge to make on loose on the exit to a corner and driving into the side of the car in the center of the corner.

    The difference being that the NUDGE'D was quoted immediately afterwards "I would have done the same thing myself!" Neither NUDGE'R nor NUDGE'D tore up equipment. Rubbing and nudging is one thing but causing someone to wreck is something else.

    Had I been the competition director for NASCAR, Mr. Wallace would have been given a rather stern suggestion that he clean up his driving act, or suffer the consequences of his actions.

    I was in Tyler Tower for the spring race and watched Jeff drive to a 2nd place finish in a 15th place car. There were laps where you couldn't put a fist between the car and the outside wall of turn 4. One of the more impressive demonstrations of driving I've seen in a long time. (Schumacher in the rain excepted, of course.)

  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    One should ask Darrell Waltrip about Rusty's nudges. Rusty has a long history to defend.
    He's also that dealer-installed option I don't buy.^_^
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    I taped the nudge Rusty "gave" Gordon last month
    (or however long ago it was). If you wath the
    replay closely, you can see Rusty's back end go
    squirrely just before he slid up into Gordon. He
    didn't go up to hit Gordon, he wen up to catch the
    back of the car. Heck, now that I think about it I
    might convert the tape into an mpeg and let
    everyone watch it themselves!!!

    Should'nt we at least mention the Craftsman Truck Series (after all, this IS the pickup discussion
    group :-)
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see Gordon finish in the back of the pack every week, however that won't happen. He (and the team) is too talented. I honestly think it was payback from Bristol last year. He probably was thinking 'that little S.O.B. isn't going to pass me'. WHAM
    It sure makes ratings go up.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Who really cares about Gordon? This kid is what-26? He already owns two championships and over 30 wins! I want Rusty to do whatever it takes! By the time Gord-o is 32, Rusty, Dale and DW will be gone. Give 'em hell Rusty!
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    Don't look now, but here comes Dale Jr.
  • ruzruz Member Posts: 59
    Hey all -- we should probably take the Rusty vs. Dale discussion to another topic, unless there's a truck company out there offering one of them as a dealer-installed option...
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Why? This subject has never felt so appealing!

    Brutus, As a Ford fan you shoukd be ashamed of yourself. Dale Jr should meet my ire as his father.
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Hats off to Rocles!! BIG:)

    I've heard that since the GM strike, Chevrolet will not offer a Jeff Gordon crying towel as a dealer-installed option on the Monte Carlo and all Pick ups.

    HE HE
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    LOL!! Their using the towels at the Flint plant.;)
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    Now that the GM strike is over with, all of you that wanted a Ford P/U can go and get one. Your Ford dealer has more competition now and prices should erode.
  • richflynnrichflynn Member Posts: 147
    An interesting point here about DIO.

    My dealer charged me $325 for a Line-X spray in liner, long bed.

    I was at my local (different) Ford dealer and saw a Line-X pre-installed. This dealer wanted $595 for the same liner from the same shop as mine.

    There are some dealers that will take you if they can and there are others that try to deal above the board.

    It makes one wonder how some can stay in business.

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    A farmer had been ripped-off several times by the local car dealer.  One
    day, the car dealer informed the farmer that he was coming over to purchase
    a cow.  The farmer priced his unit as follows:

           Basic cow                               499.95
           Shipping and handling                    35.75
           Extra stomach                            79.25
           Two tone exterior                       142.10
           Produce storage compartment             126.50
           Heavy duty straw chopper                189.60
           Four spigot/high output drain system    149.20
           Automatic fly swatter                    88.50
           Genuine cowhide upholstery              179.90
           Deluxe dual horns                        59.25
           Automatic fertilizer attachment         339.40
           4 x 4 traction drive assembly           884.16
           Pre-delivery wash and comb               69.80

           FARMERS SUGGESTED LIST PRICE:          2843.36
           Additional dealer adjustments:          300.00

           TOTAL LIST PRICE (Including options): $3143.36
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    I love it! I think that the dealers are having a harder time these days putting it over on their customers thanks to the info available at Edmunds and other sites. Their entire tone changes when you start talking invoice and express knowledge about holdbacks, etc.
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