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Hello - my wife and I are toying with replacing our 2004 MDX with a new SUV. We are trying to stay in the 45k to 55k range. It will we wife's everyday car and the vehicle we go back and forth to the beach during the summer. We have really liked our MDX. We liked the drive and the capacity in the back when you do not drop the third row seat.

I have read some reviews of the 2014 MDX and they did not seem too favorable. We also thought about the BMW X5. Beyond that I am not too familiar with the offerings from Lexus, Mercedes. My sense is the Cayenne and Range Rover are out this price range. Would be great to have some guidance to get my search started. Thanks !


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    Edmunds lists 23 SUVs in that price range although some aren't typically considered "luxury" rides (i.e., the Suburban, unless you qualify for the luxury of Secret Service protection perhaps).

    The Cayenne starts around $49k with the M-Class starting a little bit less. Anyway, this is the link

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