Emergency Brake Adjustment. Lexus RX 330.

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The parking brake on the RX 330 I bought a couple of weeks ago does not stop the car from moving when I park on a hill; the pedal goes all the way to the floor without causing any braking. I went online and looked up "Parking Brake Adjustment" on a Lexus RX 330, and the site I found told me to remove the rear wheels (which I did) and look through the access hole in the drum for the star adjuster screw. Even using a flashlight (with the access hole in the 6 o'clock position), I could find no adjuster screw. The cables that run from the parking brake pedal and then underneath the car have no adjusting screws on them, and the adjuster screw on the actual pedal assembly is hidden between the dashboard and the fuse box. Do you know how I can get to the adjuster screw or adjust the brake without paying a mechanic to do it?


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    Okay, I tried again after looking at the great pictures online at the following URL:


    Almost halfway down the page is a great picture:

    It showed more clearly where the star adjuster is (at the bottom of the drum, not easily seen through the access hole at 6 o'clock), but findable with a small flashlight). I had to click the adjuster screw UPWARD with a small screwdriver. It took about thirty clicks until it would move no more. The drum was then stopped- I couldn't move it at all. Then I backed off the adjuster by clicking it about 5 times DOWNWARD until the drum would rotate freely. I then climbed into the car and tried the parking brake. The pedal clicked about 7 times before the brake was solidly tight. I put the wheels back on and tried it on my hilly driveway, and it works great.

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