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I've owned a 2001 Honda CR-v for less than 2 months and I've been to the service dept. 4 times for the driver's seatbelt. It doesn't release when I press the release button without tugging on the belt. The times that it has released are usually when the service advisor is examining it! A new latch was supposedly installed a few days ago, but all I have to show for that is a receipt. The seatbelt still isn't working. I know Honda has a past history of seatbelt problems, and I don't want to become a statistic stuck in my seat in a life threatening situation. However, the service dept. says they can't repair something when they can't find a problem. Has anyone else experienced a seatbelt problem? Any advice on how to convince them to give me a working seatbelt?


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    It's was a supplier for several Japanese companies about 10 years ago.

    What you need to do is take your car back right away, and ask to speak to the service manager. In fact, I'd call and make an appointment to see him so there's no excuse for him not to be there when you demonstrate the problem to him. Explain your concerns; be polite. Sit in the car and show him that you can't release the belt.

    Tell him that you can't drive the car the way it is and see what his response is. If you get the run around, ask for the Zone Manager's name and number. Ask to use a phone to call the Zone Manager. Tell the Service Manager that you are sorry but since this involves a safety issue you can't just wait around - it has to be fixed.

    I think that this approach, polite but firm, will get things fixed for you.
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    I thought there was a US mandated ten year minimum warranty on seat belts, but I can't find a link. Your CR-V is definitely under warranty in any event, and lokki's advice is solid.

    I did run across this interesting page while searching:
    Honda has been fined for concealing seat belt warranty claims.

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    My wife drives a new CRV and just loves it.

    I've never experienced this in ours or in any of the hundreds that I've driven or ridden in.

    Still..sounds like something isn't right. Stay on them. You might try another CRV to see if just *possibly* it's pilot error...?
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    The belts in my 2k Accord are warranted for the life of the car. This is probably a transferable warranty since a disclaimer is not included with the manual's warranty info.
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