Jeep Liberty electrical issues

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I have scrolled through past posts and found a few of the same issues. I have a 02 Liberty Ltd Edition (3.7, 4x4). In the past the fuse that controlled radio, locks, dome light etc kept blowing, finally just pulled it and been going without for past 4 yrs. Yesterday while driving it suddenly felt like power loss, a/c fan went low, lights dimmed, then gauges all went out...tac, speedometer, odometer, fuel etc and battery light came on briefly. We recently (3 wks ago) replaced alternator and battery is less than one year old. All went off and on a few times until we got home. We opened hood and it appear as though liquid had spurted (or spewed) from battery terminals, there was splash like look. Any solutions or suggestions?


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    Go have the battery checked and the alternator. If the alt is overcharging it will cause the battery acid to boil. It is possible that the splash on the battery terminals was already there though if it wasn't wet. Autozone has a tester for the electrical system. Also, I don't know if you have a separate belt for your alternator but check the tension and condition of the belt, if it is slick underneath or loose, it could cause the alternator not to spin fast enough to keep up.

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