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MAZDA5 Automatic Transaxle Light

seraravenseraraven Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Mazda

I've had my Mazda for three years now. No problems with it whatsoever. Two weeks ago, while driving down the interstate, my car started stalling. Just dropping all power and I would have to restart while in neutral. I haul butt down to the shop, they can't duplicate the problem, so they flushed my transmission fluid (Car has 83k on it) and they cleaned my fuel injection system. Everything seemed fine for about a week.

Now in the past two days, while driving down the interstate, my car with jerk violently (like I've been rear-ended), and when I glance down, the AT (Automatic Transaxle) light will be on. The light will go off and the car will drive normally for about 5 minutes, then it will do it again. This happened three times on the way to work this morning. I've researched the problem and people are saying everything from my transmission is taking a dump to it needs more fluid.

Anyone else have this problem and can provide a little guidance? I really can't afford this problem right now....It is an automatic transmission.

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