97 Acura Cl automatic transmission only has reverse

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97 Acura CL with automatic transmission..my daughters car started fine (she did say it sounded like a vacuum leak briefly) .. she reversed to turn around but when she put it in drive there was no power..should also note that the speedometer works intermittently not sure if related ...please help mom and young college student with ideas


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    Obviously there is a transmission issue that needs to be diagnosed. Take it to a repair shop that does free diagnosis,and get an estimate. Then turn around and take it to an import specialist repair shop and get an estimate there. Usually the Honda guys have seen it all and can save you big bucks. Never say OK to the first shop you walk into. At least two estimates are required.

    You will know you are in the right place when you see 10 lowered Civic/Accord/Integra's in front of the shop. Lol.

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