Prius base - 2006 - fuel surges / pulsing?

janbajanba Member Posts: 1
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I've just driven a pretty nice looking 2006 with really low mileage. Only third Prius
I've driven. This one seemed to have something that FELT like fuel line irregular flow - surging or pulsing - at any speed from 15 to 65.
With less than 30K miles, what would that be?? a problem with the interface between gas & electric? improper sensor of some sort? dirty fuel lines or perhaps batteries that need replacement?
I'm really interested in the vehicle, but fearful --given that condition. Any ideas anyone? Thanks !!


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209

    avoid until dealer shop inspects/diagnoses/fixes vehicle. if fuel-filter/fuel-line is indeed clogged in only 30k miles, someone must have put veeeeeery bad gas in it, maybe damaging entire fuel system.
    a possibility is that the vehicle has sat unused for long enough that too much water has condensed/accrued in the gas tank - enough to affect performance. a related possibility might be an issue with the fuel tank interior bladder that the early priuses used instead of a traditional gasoline-vapor-recovery system.

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