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Replacement for 2006 Subaru Tribeca

jerrys2jerrys2 Member Posts: 189
edited May 2014 in Subaru

Remember "Dust in the Wind" ? Any of you original owners still out there ? After 75k and 9 years I am passing Tribeca along to my single Mom daughter, who will no doubt drive it for several more years.

Am considering 2015 Outback or Forester but am concerned about somewhat smaller size vs Tribeca. Lexus RX also in the mix.

Would be interested in what you replaced your Tribeca with.

Other than in town gas mileage have been very pleased with B9 ... my 4th Subaru.

Juice you still there?




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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited May 2014

    Juice's employer apparently firewalled employees from here. :(

    I test drove a 2015 Forester a week or so ago (and have been testing lots of similar sized rigs). Never sat in a Tribeca, but the Forester is as roomy as any of them, and seems as roomy as my sister's '05 Forester. Looks like you only lose about 3 cubic feet compared to your B9 Tribeca, but sometimes where you lose room is more important than how much you lose.

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    dcm61dcm61 Member Posts: 1,567

    I think both the 2015 Forester and 2015 Outback are very close in size to your 2006 Tribeca.

    The 2015 Foresters are on dealer lots and the soon to arrive 2015 Outback is slightly larger than the out-going 2014 Outback. Go try them on for size. Only you can determine if the Forester or Outback is a right size replacement for your Tribeca.

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    colradogrlcolradogrl Member Posts: 1

    I just purchased a 2014 Tribeca, and love the way it handles. I have had Subarus over the years, a 2005 Forester, and then a 2001 Legacy GTO which is still in my driveway with 223,000 miles on it. and going strong A few years ago, I purchased a 2011 Nissan Xterra Pro 4X. Loved the way it looked; liked seeing it in my driveway. The Nissan was a thoroughly unpleasant driving experience (the dealer told me I just wasn't used to the "truck-like," experience. I have had trucks, but that drove like a '57 Chevy truck.) It was too pretty to take off road. It was flashy and clean enough to get a very nice trade-in value at my Subaru dealer, and I couldn't be more pleased with my driving experience. Tribeca is very responsive in town, and great acceleration and power on the highway. I am happy it does not resemble a station wagon, as Subaru has inclined with other SUV styles.
    Challenge: the headrest is fixed, and tilts too far forward for me to be comfortable sitting back into the seat with propery upper back support. After there after-market headrests that fit the Tribeca which are adjustable?

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    imaginaryimaginary Member Posts: 62
    edited August 2014

    FYI Subaru is developing a Tribeca replacement but, if you can't wait until 2016 or maybe even 2017, please provide what purpose the vehicle will serve for a proper suggestion. Are you a family of 7? Do you carry 4 people and 2 children normally? Why did you buy the Tribeca in the first place? What do you need the vehicle to do essentially would help with a suggestion otherwise it's just a draw of the hat.

    I would suggest a 2015 Audi Q5 but that's just me. It's really too bad the 2014+ Subaru Forester XT has such a stiff suspension. Yes, it's a Subaru but I never liked having a sport suspension without being able to choose a comfort mode. It provides a ton of feedback (in my opinion) which isn't always "comfortable." The 2015 Audi Q5 has an adaptive suspension but it's a V6, not an turbocharged H4 like the 2014+ Subaru Forester XT. There is nothing else like the Subaru Forester XT and there never has been (AWD, turbocharged flat four, CUV). And we all know Audi's aren't exactly known for being "reliable" on the same level as Subaru and Toyota. Not to mention the 2015 Audi Q5 is smaller and heavier than the 2015 Subaru Forester XT.

    But that's just my "suggestion."

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