Jeep Grand Cherokee Idling Problem

westly1westly1 Member Posts: 1
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I've got a jeep grand cherokee with the 4.0 v6. The problem is that it will idle fine for about 5 mins at the most and then die however it will run fine when you drive it. I've already replaced crank position sensor, took throttle body apart and cleaned it still problem remains. Btw I've just got done doing an engine swap because of a melted piston, just thought I'd out that out there and yes everything is plugged in and none of the connectors are loose. Its not throwing any DTC's!!! After install of new engine it was not running right so I had to adjust the cam sensor but now its running good just not at idle. Anyways is there a way to relearn idle with a OBD 2 scanner if so how would I'd go about doing that because I could not find that option, I've got a genesis evo scanner!!! Also I've heard about loosing the screws on the PCM haven't tried it but dnt know if that really works. Just need some help thanks!!!!!
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