Locked ignition switch/ Steering Wheel. Hyundai Sonata.

retsabretsab Member Posts: 10
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With 45,000 miles, I had driven to a garage to have the solenoid/starter checked out. Garage coouldn't get the ignition to turn and steering wheel to release. This had happened a month earlier, it took two days of trying to release, garage lubricated and called it a "Perfect Storm" event. They ended up calling Hyundai dealership who daid others had similar problems and gave instructions on how to replace the ignition cylinder. Got the car back with a new starter and ignition cylinder hope to never have the problem again! Ha anyone else experienced this problem? I sent an email to Hyundai and wasw assured that there were no recalls on my vehicle and that the Hyundai dealerships were the best place to have maintenace done on my car. I responded that, in the wake of Chevrolet's problems with ignition switches I didn't have a great deal of faith in their assurances and those of the rest of the industy.

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