GMC Acadia Multiple Problems

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I purchased my Acadia from the dealership with 5500 miles in 2011 and immediately had issues with the following:
-alternator ALWAYS reading 13-15 volts
-Tailgate struts breaking
-AC dead
-Seats absolute crap
-mileage SUCKS
Tires, Spent $500 for 2 tires in NM and TX on road trips. Those 2 tires lasted less than 60,000 miles due to the fact that Goodyear made them specifically for GM and I wasn't able to get a better tire in 2011.
At 30k miles, one strut went out. At 70k, the other one and Bob Moore GMC in OKC refused to replace.
At 85k, the temp guage goes way up and I add a little water to coolant and it has stayed where it is supposed to be.
90k miles, the HVAC system will not cool. It started hissing and now 800 miles later is not cold at all even if I turn the rear ac on or if I run it on recirc.
I am supposed to use this for a road trip in June but it is useless. Since it seats more people than other vehicles I have, I need to use it for memorial day weekend but I dont know what I need to do to have A/C cold. Do I flush and service and send the bill to GM, hope the worthless service department can fix it by Friday, or just get a good attorney to force GM to buy this lemon back. I have paid $10,000 on this vehicle which isnt too bad for 85,000 miles, but I will never ever buy another GMC product. Having owned more than 50 different vehicles in my lifetime, the Acadia is rock bottom for problems and drinking gas. I would have gotten an Expedition had I know what a piece of junk this was for nearly the same price and MPG. Oh and FYI the vehicle is down from a $32,000 sticker price to $14,000 in 39 months.

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