2003 GMC Sierra

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When key is in "ON" position there are no dash lights engine light only. There is a buzzing noise in dash board I can start the truck fine, and all lights come on. Everything works fine. If I turn truck off, and put key back in ON position everything lights up correctly. If I leave the truck for awhile "hours" then put key in and go to "ON" position again there is a buzzing noise, and no dash lights except engine light. Also while running, the gas gauge will drop to empty. If I shake the truck, the gauge will go back up, then after a few minutes it will drop again. These two things may not have anything to do with each other.


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    1500 extended cab

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    The dash cluster was a recall item for chevys around that year. It could be possible that it is the problem. I had a 2004 Silverado (2003 mfr date) the gauges started acting stupid, cost me about 125 bucks to replace, then several months later there was a recall on them. My fuel gauge was not correct either before or after, it would stop at about an 8th of a tank and not go lower.

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