Isuzu Trooper Transmission Slipping

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Hey guys, I'm new to this and can hopefully get some good info. My 2001 Trooper decided to start slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear with the normal high rpms. I can let off of the gas and then it will kick into gear. It seems to affect all gears after a few miles, stopping and going, then straightens out with a slight slip between 2nd and 3rd from a stop. I have been told to clean the egr valve and tube (done), do a partial fluid change (done). Had codes checked at AZ and got back p1404. Just wondering if the alternator could be causing this issue or is the transmission shot. I just find it puzzling how it works great when cold then gets crazy when warm. Please help!!!!


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    i have the same problem mine does it 1st to second did you get any help

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    More than likely this is a fluid or fluid issue unless you droveit in this condition for a length of time and made it a internal trans problem .the fact that it only does it when it's warm is what steers mein the direction of fluid and filter issues this is happening because the fluid is thick whike cold and once warmed up becomes thin or expands .this is the reason you always check your tranny fluid levels when the tranny is hot and in nuetral or park whike engine is running .and a helpful hint is once you have added the proper amount of fuid or especially when changing the old fluid w new fluid you always warm the tranny to hot and whike running shift your tranny into each gear slowly and pausing about ten seconds or so in each and every gear going all the way from park to first or the lowest gear on the selector and back up pausingin each and every gear also all the way back uup to park .the reason you do this is to get the fluid into all the books and crannies and to burp any air caught in the tranny cavities internally possibly giving a false fluid levels reading .hope this helps you .just out if curiosity does this slipping occur worse or also occur in rev gear as well ?
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    Hey guys. So I've been battling with my 2002 Isuzu trooper 3.5L v6 4wd. I have the GM 4l30-e trans in it. It started slipping in 1-2. I put an new trans filter in it. But it stopped slipping for a for miles and started again. If it sits for a few days it does okay for about 10-20 miles. About a trip to town where I live. Idk if I have to replace the trans or what. It will also jump out of gear and stay in low for way to long. Now my truck has 275k miles on it. Idk what to do any suggestions?
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