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I posted a message on this topic and apparently it did not come through? Anyway, the problem with this Mazda is that under normal driving conditions, i.e. dry pavement and any speed, the TCS system will engage and the engine will bogg down. Turning off the ignition and re-starting resets the computer and all is ok for a short time (could be a day or a few days) and it keeps on doing it. We have replaced wheel sensors, the axel, tried a new computer, and inspected the wiring harness. Still problem exists. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a Mazda Regional Service Rep. who may help?

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    Hi TNSEEK,

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    I own a 95 Millenia S and wanted to find out if anyone has had a problem with the security system increasing in sensitivity. I just noticed it in the past couple of days and couldn't find any information in the manual. If anyone has had this problem and knows how I can adjust it I appreciate your help in advance. Thanks,
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    To TNSEEK: Thank goodness, I'm not the only one with TCS problems. 3 months ago, while in Lake Tahoe, while driving normally(constant speed), the TCS lights came on(not blinking) and my car halted to a stop for no reason. I thought my transmission went out. I tried many things but could not rev pass 1300 rpm. I tried it in D,R,N,1,2, P, No luck. Finally, I turned off the ignition, waited a few minutes and tried to start the car again and this time all is normal. I think Mazda has a defective part somewhere relating to TCS.
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    I have an update to my problem. We changed the ABS sensor (not the speed sensors) as part of the axel replacement, and also disengaged the TCS system. Guess what, the bogg down happened again. This isa teh wierdest problem I know of. Clearly their seems to be a short somewhere affecting the computer, and cutting power to the engine. Computer has checked out fine, and replacement computer also did not affect problem. I believe computer is ultimately sending the signal to bogg hte engine down, but it is in response to something else occuring. Action now is to consult with the dealer again, and get Mazda involved. I think they would want to help tackling this one. We'll see.
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    Well, I obviously did not get many reactions to my post with advice, but thank god the problem seems to be fixed. It took nearly 8 weeks, but after taking it back to the same dealer again, after having my mechanic try many different avenues, they worked together and found the problem. It turned out to be a vacuum issue. Must have been losing pressure at different rates and times and would hit a point and send the computer haywire.
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    I recently purchased a 95 Millenia L and was a little worried about TCS problems after reading about it in the forum. Thanks for sharing your problem and solution on this. It will give me insight if this ever occurs to me! Good luck
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    well, wouldn't you know....had the same problem with the TCS. The light comes on and the car feels like it brakes/jerks. Took to dealer, found the code that said the internal relay went bad p/l came to $280. Ok fine. Next it happended again - damn! took back to dealer, found no codes to clue them in right direction. so they went into intake manifold I think and found two vacuum hoses that were old(original) with slight crack. replaced hoses - problem fixed. I got a free car rental - actually truck and did some hauling at their expense. I guess it could have been worse. anytime you are dealing with some form of hose/belt/gasket - normal wear/tear - they will need replaced eventually.
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    Fortunately my Mazda dealer is aware that the Millenia's have a problem with the TCS sensor.
    They said it was a vacuum leak and they fixed it for only a $74.00 diagnostic fee. They did not even charge me for any parts like vacuum hose. I had a major service overhaul 5,000 miles back, so I am assuming it was a loose hose. So, either leaking old or loose new vacuum hoses seem to be the biggest reason for the TCS problems. Hope this helps.

    Also, thank you to the people behind for providing this board. This really is the information age.
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