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I am looking at getting rid of my Jeep Grand Cherokee for something (preferably) smaller and that gets better gas mileage. I am considering the Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Santa Fe sport and CX-5. I live in a very urban environment, so durability is important (parking on street a lot, lots of potholes). Reliability is very important to me also.

I am looking for any insight that people that have looked at some or all of these or own them have.


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    Michael, we've owned several CRV's and they have been good vehicles. They are pretty space efficient as well for their size, as well as durable. However, a word of caution on downsizing to a smaller AWD CRV. A few years ago we decided to downsize into one from an Odyssey instead of as just a second car. No real complaints on the CRV, but several realities. On more than a few occasions we've missed the extra cargo room, although it seats 4 tall people comfortably and actually doesn't ride bad for its wheelbase. I've found the gas mileage to vary a lot from EPA. I think because it sits up somewhat high, the 4 banger is strongly affected by wind and other weather and road conditions like hilly driving. We get around 20mph in city, but on the highway it really can vary from low 20's to 27 or so. You've got to do the arithmetic based on your expected use and mileage, but I'm not sure the gasoline savings will be all that huge for many people. OTOH, it costs a lot less out the door than a bigger crossover like yours and certainly has strong resale value. BTW, I've heard similar mileage feedback from people with other small crossovers like RAV 4, Escape, etc., so it's certainly not a Honda unique issue. Good luck whatever you decide!

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    A reporter is looking for shoppers who recently traded in a midsize sedan for an SUV because they think gas prices aren’t a big deal anymore or they were just blown away by the fuel-efficient crossover offerings now available. If you think you can help, please reach out to [email protected] by no later than Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

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