2006 Highlander Hybrid----does it need a new timing belt at 6 years?

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I bought the HH new, have taken good care of it, have 72,000 miles without any problems. Toyota says that after 90,000 miles or 6 years I should get my timing belt changed.
Is there anybody out there who can advise me on this? I have had the car for 8 full years and want to maintain it correctly. Can I wait til 90,000 miles?


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    There is the possibility that the belt has deteriorated due to age or it could be sitting in oil due to a leaking seal.

    You will get no warning if the belt decides to snap and depending on how your engine is designed, you could damage your engine.

    You've pushed it two years beyond what Toyota recommends. Like Clint Eastwood said...

    "Well....do you feel lucky"

    If it were me, I would change it. Otherwise I would have that nagging feeling when I'm on the freeway with a semi on my tail..."What if it breaks now"

    Not trying to scare you but why push it?

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    Thanks, honda-man, I guess I just needed to hear that. Will do.

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