Chevy Slverado 1500 run and dies

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got a 1987 1500 silverado w/ 5.7 193000 mils, put gas in it Thursday after work every thing seems fine them I felt it start to run a little not right but got home fine (12 miles away ). Next morning tried to go to work but about 2 miles down the road truck started losing power and died . Tried starting and stated like a champ ran it about a mile started loosing power let up on the gas engine cleared up( truck is losing speed) but as soon I pressed on the peddle it would act like its flooding out wont go coast to a stop dies, then starts fine !! Got po 141,300,440 code, I replaced 02 down stream sensor, new plugs.... any ideas ??


  • lugnuts3lugnuts3 Member Posts: 10
    I would try checking your fuel injectors if you have it equipped on that truck,they have a tendancy to get clogged do to the crap they put in the gas these days,try running the highest grade gas through it.and put some gumout in it,or seafoam,seafoam will clean that bad boy out if theres any buildup,and if that dont work its probabaly something electrical,hope that helped!
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