Invalid saftey inspection by dealer. Can I get a better deal? Nissan 350Z.

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i was looking at an '03 350z at one of my local dealerships and they're asking 9200. The car was inspected this month (may 2014, so it's 'good' until may '15) The pictures online made it look great, no damage etc. I went there today (sunday, so i'm not pestered) to look at it, there was quite a few things wrong.

The big one first... The passenger side mirror (the glass bit) is missing.
In PA, a car is rejected for inspection if, "The mirrors, if originally so equipped, are missing." (described here section 5-v
A new oem mirror will cost $289.

Other issues are: Cracking on the driver side rear fender, 1/4" chips from door damage on the passenger side door, and inside tire wear on the rear tires.

The car will be just a fun, mess around car so i don't really mind to tinker, but is this something i can call them out on to get a better price? how to go about it without pissing them off? :P

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