Greatly appreciate any advice for leasing new SUV

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Hello Friends,

I have been driving SUVS for last 15 years and once you drive an SUV, it's hard to get back in a sedan. My lease is up on my fully loaded Mercedes ML 350 and is due in on June 2. Due to some very unfortunate situations, my financial picture has changed drastically, I am out of work due to health issues, and no longer need to be in a $70,000 car nor can I afford one.
I need to lease a new SUV and as much as I love the Audi Q5, I can't afford it. Here is are the MUSTS I have to have in a car. Parktronics which beeps when you get to close to an object in front or back of car, driver's side assist, rear view camera, GPS, hands free bluetooth and basically all safety features. I am getting up there in age, so anything that makes driving safer, I am all for it. Don't need fancy rims, leather trim etc. . My max budget is a $40,000 SUV with all features just listed.

Here are the choices I can think of with the features I just mentioned.

2015 Acura RDX
2015 redesigned Nissan Murano (looks so cool)
2015 Ford Edge

If I missed a model to consider, please let me know.

I would truly appreciate any feedback or advice you can help me with. This is the first time in my life I have ever posted in a car forum because I am truly at wits end trying to chose a model.


BobbyD NYC

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