2004 Chevy Tahoe LS No Crank

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I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe LS with a 5.3L Gas engine. For over a year now I have intermittant problems starting the vehicle. I will get in at times and try and crank and it will not. No click, all lights on the dash look normal. Resently my unlock door button on my FOBs doesn't work (not sure if this is now a part of this as well) Everything else on both FOBs work.. I have had the ignition switch and neutral safety switch replaced but to no avail. When the condition presents itself, I have tried many things: Disconnect negitive terminal from battery and reconnect (sometimes this works), Turn key on and shift back and forth between neutral and park (sometime this work), lock and unlock the door (sometime this work), shift back and forth then open the drives door (sometime this works), get frustrated go inside and wait (sometimes this works). Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and what I can check next?


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    I swear I wrote your post myself! My husband first replaced several items, neutral safety switch, ignition switch, etc. neither helped so I took it to a reputable shop (I personally know the owner) and it's been in & out for OVER A YEAR now for the same issue!
    I noticed first it was worst when it got hot, summer months it was constant.

    Also, this may help you - initially, I was able to figure out my big clue it was not going start BEFORE I even turned the car off, was when I put it in park. If the door locks did NOT UN-lock I knew. Had to keep messing w/ the gear shift till they clicked, confirming it was in park.
    For that issue they replaced the shifter cable (in addition to the NSS) & for a good few months (over winter) I had no problems. Fired every time. Warm spring arrived & bam, here we go again....

    I'll have to look at all my paperwork to see everything they have tried, replaced, re-wired, re-programmed, on & on including replacing the first 2 items my husband replaced thinking they were defective (& no we were not able to return for a refund....)

    I'm taking it back in next week where it will probably STAY for the entire week again for them to give it another attempt. I feel bad for the mechanic & my friend working on it as they feel the same frustration.
    Boy do I FEEL your frustration though!!!

    Luckily with the last round of fixes it only takes about 30-60 seconds to fire vs up to 10 mins. What works for me - when it doesn't fire, leave the key in the on position for a few seconds & try again. That has worked since replacing the shifter cable.

    I'll let you know if I find out anything new.
    Good luck to ya!

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    I swear this has to be a very common problem. I'm have the exact problems.
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    I have an '04 Tahoe Z71 that HAD the same issue of "NO CLICK - NO START." Tried all the security key-code relearning tricks, replaced fuses, gear shift interlocks etc. Funny that the local mechanic could never get any trouble codes from the main system. So after the 20th/30th time of this having me sit in a non-functioning piece of technology, I dropped it off at my NON-GM mechanic and told him to drive it for the weekend and experience the dreaded apprehension of a "Start - NO Start Scenario. He did experience the fault, figured out it was the Starter. Replaced it last Aug (2014) and have had no other issue with this problem. Happy Starters will make your vehicle crank. Thanks.
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