recommendation please for a new car?

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Hey everyone,

I've been on the hunt to replace my beloved-but-aging '06 Legacy GT wagon, and I'm trying to figure out the best rig for the job. The car would be used both as an occasional city commuter but also for multiple ski- and surf-trips.

Here are my criteria:

  • comfy seats
  • FWD or AWD
  • bluetooth-ready
  • good passing power
  • decent handling
  • decent MPG’s
  • reasonably priced
  • reasonably reliable
  • able to transport 185cm skis inside without protruding into the front seat area

Would love it if all of them could be met, but realize it could be tough. It seems a wagon or a mid-size sedan of some sort would be ticket. Right now it seems like a 3-5 year-old used Volvo might do the trick, but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance for any feedback!



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,142

    So by "new," you only mean new to you, right? Just want to make sure you get accurate feedback. Also, "reasonably priced" is pretty subjective. I'm not sure that I, personally. would consider a used Volvo as "reasonably priced," but that's by my own standards.

    Also, it sounds like you really like your Legacy. Have you considered a newer model year of that vehicle?

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  • brocklandersbrocklanders Member Posts: 2

    Hi Kirstie, thanks for replying - you're right, I should probably clarify:

    • "new" could be either new-to-me or outright new.

    • Budget-wise, i'd probably top out at $20-$22k. For what it's worth, used volvo S80's - 2010 and older - do seem to fall into that price range.

    It would seem logical to consider a new legacy - I guess i'm curious about what else is out there, and I'm also not in love with the current model: not crazy about the styling and the flat-6 engine in the current legacy seems to be the worst of both worlds: low MPG's and not a lot of power.

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