Alternating Cold & Hot. '94 Lincoln Town Car.

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I just obtained a '94 Town Car. It throws out nice cold air but after a short ride it starts to throw out heated air instead. Will sometimes go back to cold but not always. I checked the compressor while throwing out hot air and the clutch was still engaged. Can anyone give me any ideas of the most likely suspect and also many some other tests I could run?


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    Under the hood on the passenger side of the of the car is a switch that is inline with the heater hose. This switch can be taken apart right on the car. Take it apart and clean it. This may resolve the problem. You may have a defective A/C control unit. I don't really know how to trouble shoot these units. I just take the old one out and put another one, in sometimes a new one and sometimes a used one. This is not hard to do.

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    Mine did that when it had a slow coolant leak. The compressor kicks on and it blows cold air for a couple minutes, senses something is wrong and switches off blowing hot air again.
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