GMC Jimmy Turn signal and horn electrical issue

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Here are the symptoms that occurred at the same time:
1- Horn no longer works.
2- Emergency flashers do in fact work
3- When using the left turn-signal indicator, the left-rear turn-signal light works well, but both turn signal indicator lights come on in front. Same for right turn-signal indicator.
4- Cruise control works well.
5- Wipers and windshield washer works well.
What I did:

1- Replaced the turn signal solenoid
2- I replaced the turn-signal/cruise-control/wiper-control "assembly" (includes all wiring and indicator "stick" where you access all controls.

Symptoms remained the same.

Any suggestions.




  • jlw303jlw303 Member Posts: 3

    Also, when I activate either turn-signal (left or right), both lights flash inside he car as thou I was activating the emergency flashers.

  • demolition1155demolition1155 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem it's been over a year and I have asked tons of people and no one know ive called multiple shops
  • jlw303jlw303 Member Posts: 3

    I found that there are two ground-wires at the base (near the floor) of the steering wheel. Each wire was attached to a d different ground-bolt. The bolts were rusted and the two wires were off the posts. I took it to a dealer who located the ground-bolts, but it took 2 1/2 hours.

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