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Chevy HD2500 Problems

sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I have a 2001 Chevy HD 2500 4 x 4 crew cab with 2800 miles. At 1600 to 2000 RPM the vehicle vibrates, kind of fills like your driving down a bumpy dirt road. The vibration goes away and then comes back at 2600 RPM. The dealer replaced the drive shaft saying there was a silent recall on this item. The new drive shaft did not correct the problem. The dealer and GM customer assistance have said the vehicle is working as designed. My feelings are if the vehicle is working as designed then why did they replace the drive shaft. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this with the New Like A Rock HD 2500 4 x 4 crew cabs? If so how was it corrected.I have the 6.0 eng. with auto trans.


  • motorodmotorod Posts: 2
    I have the same truck. I have no vibration at 1200 miles. When did your vibration start. I get 13.5 mpg city and 9mpg pulling a 7,000 trailer. How is your gas milege?
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    I get 13.4 mpg. so far in the city and 14.5 Hwy. Have not pulled anything heavy yet, trying to get the vibration problem fixed first.
  • perfogreperfogre Posts: 6
    I have a2001 cc 4x4 8.1 3.73, vibration diagnosed as launch shudder by dealer. He ordered 1 piece driveshaft to replace 2 piece. I wonder if sonafelt has the 1 piece replacement or a new 2 piece driveshaft. If they put the I piece driveshaft in, did the dealer cut the support bracket for the carrier bearing. Has anyone had success with the 1 piece driveshaft replacement?
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    Yes Chevy dealer put in a 1 piece drive shaft, No luck. Still vibrates with no changes. Dealer and GM said to take to another dealer if I didn't like their service. Filed complaint with bbb I'll see what hapends. I'll take it in next week and see what hapends.
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    changes my mind about doing a buy back on my 2000 cc, unless more problems. It took 6 months of telling us there was nothing wrong with the engine pinging before we finally hit someone who fixed's worked for about 1000 miles and now seems like it's coming back. They [Chevy] pulled the same stunt with us -- there's nothing wrong, that's how it should be.

    Best of luck to you!
  • perfogreperfogre Posts: 6
    reply to sonafelt
    had 1 piece driveshaft replaced yesterday. It has corrected the launch shudder problems. The driveshaft is 6" via and aluminum. thanks for info
  • TerryWilTerryWil Posts: 2
    Try posting at They have some knowledgable people there. Some may have had that same problem. I don't think it is launch shutter. Have they checked the motor mounts to make sure they were installed correctly? Anyway... The diesel page is a good start, eventhough you don't have a diesel. Give it a shot! Terry W.
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    Took the vibrating HD 2500 to another dealer. They said they looked at everything and tried to reprogram the transmission. No problem corrected. They claim thats the nature of the vehicle. I did drive a new like truck with 12 miles on it. It to had the same problem at 1600/2000 RPM. as mine does with 3000 miles. Maybe I'll take the Firestone Wilderness tires off and try a different brand of tires. They suggest to run 50 psi front and 80 psi rear. This seams like too much air pressure. I've tried different air pressures and it didn't help. Thanks for the web page, I'll give it a try.
  • lawton34lawton34 Posts: 3
    I have a silverado,2001,2500HD, and it has a vibration or roughness,not real harsh, at 35 to40 mph. under power or coasting down,but ok at other speeds. Had the tires rebalanced but thats not it. The truck runs fine except for this viberation only at this speed,(peak is at 38mph). Is this normal with this particular truck? Thanks for any info. Bill
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Is it a vibration or could you call it engine lugging...similar to say a manual transmission, being in fifth gear when you should be in third?
  • lawton34lawton34 Posts: 3
    It's not a luging type thing. just a "roughness" at that speed only, going up or coming down in speed.
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    The truck has developed another vibration in 1st. gear, but in the same RPM range. My speed in O./D is 43 to 55 MPH. Dealer said an engineer will be in town May 23 to discuss the problem. Started BBB arbitration this week. only 3800 miles. I did drive a non 4x4 with same eng.trans/rear gear and No vibration. I think the converter is not locking up right. also drove the GMC version of a like truck, no problem. May-be a bad parts inventory when a few went down the line. I did notice a GM recall on their Web page to replace the converters on ALL Light pick-ups Maybe mine will fall in this catagory. Any other Info Out there?
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    Dealer had Chevy. engineer in yesterday. They are claiming I have whats called truck shudder. They claim I have to have the drive line angle checked and this should solve the problem. I'll take it in next week and see If thats the cure. BBB sent me the info. to start the lemon law process. May-be they should take the Firestones Wilderness tires off and replace with something round.
  • gumpymacgumpymac Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 2500 HD with 6000 v8 4x4 auto trans. long bed ext cab and have a drive line vibration on acelleration going through 5 MPH. no vib. at any other speed. Tried wedging two 5/16 bolts between the center carrier bearing outer race sleeve and the U shaped support to take some of the elasticity out of the rubber cushion. The 5 MPH vib went away but then had a very noticeable 45 MPH in cruise. I rook the bolts out and took the truck to the dealer who kept it most of the day and said it's just the nature of the HD truck. I haul a 2400 lb slide in camper and the vib. is worse with this weight on board. I have 4.10 axles and am adveraging 10 MPG otherwise a great truck. Love the cold air and many other great features.
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    I think your problem is what GM calls lunch shudder. They replaced my 2 piece drive shaft with a solid 1 piece. This was to cure the launch shudder as noted in a GM service Bull. GM thinks my problem is a out of line drive shaft they just replaced. I'll know more next week. I get 13 MPG in town with 4.10 gears, 14.5 on HWY. And yes the vib gets worst with a load. We'll se.
  • mlempiremlempire Posts: 34
    I have @ 5100 miles on a 2001 2500hd ex cab has pooped a battery,vehicle control module,power train control module, 2 crank sensors, 1 cam sensor, it has taken the local dealer several tries to fix these problems.. think it is a bad sign of things to come.. is it lemon law time>???
  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    You have to have the same problem 3 times with no fix or multiple continued problems. I used the BBB auto section. They took a month to respond, but sent me all the details on the lemon law and will assist me with my claim when I file it. You can get them on-line. Search for BBB then click on automotive.
  • mychevy2mychevy2 Posts: 5
    I have a new 2500HD with the 8.1L and Allison Trans and I am concerned about the oil consumpsion that the engine is using. At 3k miles the check engine oil level indicator came on the message center. The oil level was down 1 quart. I had the dealer check for leaks and change the oil to make sure the level was full. Now at 6k miles I had the dealer check the level and change the oil again. This time the oil level was down 2 quarts. They say this is a normal consumption rate. Spec is 1 quart in 1k miles per Chevy. Is anyone else using oil at this rate? I have own several Chevy trucks and none of the used oil. At this rate of consumption I won't ever have to change the oil, but just keep adding it.
  • mrurlmrurl Posts: 116
    I change my M1 every 5000 miles. Don't think I use more than half a quart between changes.

  • sonafeltsonafelt Posts: 12
    Just got my HD 2500 back from the dealer ref. vibrations at 1600/2000 rpm. They put a 1/4" shim between the trany and cross member, and about 1/8" shims' between rear axle and springs. I guess this put the drive shaft at a different angle and took the vibration away. Now if I can just get those Firestone Wilderness AT's changed.
  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    You got a 2500HD with Wilderness AT's. Mine came with the Steeltex but then agan I didn't order the off road tire option because I was scared they'd stick Generals on there. Wake up GM your tire choices suck!
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    even the dealer wouldn't change them before we picked up the about crappy tires! I'd take the Firestones anyday, better yet go back to the good ol' Goodyears that they used to put on. Our Generals not only almost got us stuck on a fire lane in the middle of nowhere because it was "a little sandy", but after 18000 miles we're looking at having to put new tires on.

  • 2500hd2500hd Posts: 11
    Getting ready to purchase a new 2500hd and am trying to decide which engine to get. I planning on buying a slide in camper in the future and will be towing a 2500lb boat . My truck will be used mainly for pleasure and occasionally driven to work ( once a month) . I am wondering if the 8.1 will get the same mpg as the 6.0 loaded . And how can I increase the gas mileage in the 8.1 if I decide on it ? If I add a K&N filter , flow master exhaust system use synthetic oil , and a helix combustion chamber what kind of gas mileage increase am i looking at? The 8.1 stock is supposed to 12 miles per gallon and the 6.0 14 .
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    go with the bigger engine you cant have to much power.

    If your that worried about mpg the 6.0 and the 8.1 isnt for you.
  • 2500hd2500hd Posts: 11
    Thank you for putting so much time and thought into your reply.
  • My 2500 HD has a big problem, the pistons have too be replaced because of knocking(a dirty little secret they don't want you to know about. It also has a hesitation problem during acceleration. Don't buy this truck!
  • whatsachevywhatsachevy Posts: 136
    I have a '01 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 EC 6.0/4.10 Automatic. The truck has 2600 miles on it and I have not had a single problem with this truck except for a small rattle in the driver's front door (hey, its a 3/4 ton truck - I expect some rattles). The 6.0 has plenty of power for pulling. I have not had any hesitation problems (for a fact, this truck is very fast - like a sports car in a truck body). I have averaged 13.5 mpg (as high as 14.9 on the highway at 75-82 mph). So far, and I'm an old Ford guy, this truck is awesome!

    For Scott - how many miles do you have on your truck and when did you start having problems? What kind of oil are you using?
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    Maybe you want to look at the 8.1 with 3.73s? Find one to test drive first. The 6.0 is only available with 4.10s (we've been told, but have seen some with 3.73s?), should save you some on the gas mileage. Our 2000 454 w/ 373s is getting a constant 14 mpg. loaded or empty or pulling, even with your foot into it, it doesn't make a difference...only time it drops off is on my 2 mile trip into town to work, during the week I end up getting around 12. I would suggest trying the 3.73s to see the power difference and if you would be happy with it. Lots of luck.

    Ryanbab, my husband used to be like you...when he was younger, just wait...someday that extra 2 mpg may make a difference to you!

  • dgeddesdgeddes Posts: 10
    This is for Scottnlisa..I too have the 6.0 with the lower end knock,,13,000 miles. Had the top end cleaner done , no help. Do you know if there is a tab for new pistons, or is the dealer doing this before it comes out?? How many miles do you have, and have you had previous work for the same problem. I'm trying to build a case for future reference... Thanks Dgeddes
  • dgeddesdgeddes Posts: 10
    For Scott and the others, the hesitation I had was fixed with a new tbi unit. There is a tsb for the tbi unit for sticking and hesitation.Mine is a 2000 model. Dealer installed in 30 minutes, so far no problems, other than the knocking at start up Yuck....
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