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Ford Expedition Front Brakes

goldy6goldy6 Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Ford


I need to know what is the best brakes I can use on my Expedition ?
Since I bought the car new it was fine till I reach 52,000 KM (32,000 miles) since then and every 10,000 km or 6,000 miles I am having to machine the front brakes or change them due to over heated surface.
I am doing my work at the local dealer here & once before 30,000 KM or 18,000 miles I got brakes from USA direct that was slotted & they lasted for that long.
Now since 3,000 KM or 1,800 miles I had judder & had to fix the original ones again but now humm noise is coming when hot & the surface of the discs looks too much scratched with slight juddering happening.

It is very much frustrating & need to know the best brakes I can fix to stop this.

With my car now having 173,000 KM or 108,000 miles it is a continuous struggle with front brakes.
Any one can help?**


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