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Honda Odyssey A/C works part time

benihanna_77benihanna_77 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Honda

I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX with some a/c issues. It takes about 10 tries or so to get the a/c to kick on and blow cold air. If I just hit auto on the control panel, it will just blow hot air. You will hear the radiator fan kick in and then quit 2 seconds later when the a/c doesn't come on. When I do get the a/c to work, it will blow cold air for awhile but eventually it will just shut off. I have checked the freon levels with a gauge, ran the DTC and came back clear. I also checked the transistor per instructions from another site with a Digital Multimeter. Anyone have any ideas?


  • vanmom07vanmom07 Member Posts: 1

    My 07 Odyssey Touring started doing the same thing this year. I took it to a neighborhood mechanic last month who flushed the A/C, recharged it and fixed some valve that supposedly controls the gas exchange. It cooled great for about 10 days. Started up again, bad, this week. It was blowing HOT then the next day got a "Check Transmission warning" along with a Check Engine Light. Next time I started the van, the transmission warning was gone and the following morning the check engine light was gone. A/C is cooling again. Ran by the Honda service and explained this and they looked puzzled...which means this is probably an electrical issue and lots of money to repair. It is so HOT in Florida, I just want it to be cold in my van again.

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