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Audi A3 TDI - Mechatronic problems

audiguy11audiguy11 Member Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Audi

Just brought my car into the Audi dealer (where I bought it new in 2011) for service. They informed that this Mechatronic unit has to be replaced, but it's on back-order. The car only has 27,000 miles. I noticed the problem for the first time after sitting stopped at a light, and attempting to accelerate. The DSG transmission would not shift from first to second gear. The second time it happened, I noticed the Drive (D) indicator was flashing. I was able to reset the electronics (both times) by pulling over onto the shoulder and turning the ignition off and on again. I also noticed this lurching from time to time, but I thought this was related to warm starts, and did not realize this might also have been related to the automatic transmission. Now I understand that this might also be related to this Mechatronic unit.

In the 40 years I've been driving (that's right - 40 years), this is the first car I've ever owned with an automatic transmission. This has realized every fear I ever had about automatic transmissions. Unfortunately, this model (A3 TDI) is not available here in the states with a 6-speed manual.


  • audiguy11audiguy11 Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2014

    I dropped my Audi A3 TDI on June 2nd and they diagnosed the problem as a faulty Mechatronic Unit. They had to order this unit (which was on back-order), so the car wasn't ready until the following Tuesday, June 10th. They informed that they had test-driven the vehicle and that the transmission was working fine. However, I noticed tight away that it was not shifting as it had when the car was working properly. And then just today, the problem occurred again: the car will not shift into 2nd gear. It's just stuck in 1st gear with the engine racing. When you look at the instrument panel the "D" is flashing. I had to pull over to the side of the road, turn the car off, and then restart it agin to reset the transmission. Needless to say, I am quite upset that the problem has not been corrected.

    When I first picked up the car after the service, and felt the transmission did not seem to shifting properly, I thought it must have been due to the re-design of the Mechatronic control unit. I called the dealer and asked them if I could schedule a problem for another diagnosis. But when it failed again, I was completely floored!

    I will let you know how and if the problem is resolved. So far, I must be honest: I'm not very happy with this S-tronic transmission.

  • audiguy11audiguy11 Member Posts: 4

    Got a call from the Audi dealer on Friday. They will replace the transmission and have ordered a new unit. I'm not very confident that the automobile will ever be the same. I will keep you posted.

  • jacchijacchi Member Posts: 1

    I have the same prob!

    2011 A3 TDI with 76k with intermittent DSG prob of shifting down to lower gear to high rev. Pull over and turn the engine off and the prob goes away.

    Took it to local Audi dealer and they said prob with Mechatronis solenoid and quote to fix was initially $1,900 then down to $1,600. I protested and dealer called Audi about chipping in for the repair. They came back with split 1/2 to $800. I protested again and we settled at $250 with the dealer and Audi chipping in the rest of the cost.

    Took the car in on Fri 6/27 and parts was supposed to arrive on Tues 7/1. It is Thrs 7/3 and still no part. Guess the part must be back ordered or something. Don't mind since dealer gave us new A4 Allroad with 4k miles on it.

  • audiguy11audiguy11 Member Posts: 4
    I can't believe you had to pay anything for the replacement. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the mileage was beyond the warranty. They replaced my Mechatronic Unit for free and I even had them extend the warranty for the transmission an additional year. Anyway, it's a moot point because I just traded my 2011 A3 TDI for a 2016 Q3 due to the emission scandal involving all the 2.0 TDI engines. As soon as I received the "Goodwill Package", I picked up the new automobile.
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