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Extreme Vibration Front Passenger Seat Belt Receiver

prftwrldprftwrld Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Lexus

The front passenger seat belt receiver vibrates on my 2014 RX 350 AWD. Under load, going 75 to 80 mph, 5th gear, rpm 2800 the seat belt receiver has extreme vibration, sufficient to be a bother and distraction for any passenger in that seat. It vibrates under other driving conditions, but not to that extent. The rest of the cars seat belt receivers do not vibrate at all. The dealer can duplicate the vibration at any time, it is not intermittent. The dealer, on his work order stated "Test drove vehicle. Verified some vibration from the left (should be Right) front seat belt area, while driving up a mountain incline at 78 MPH @ approximately 3000 rpms. Happens in 5th gear at that rpm and goes away in other gears and at other rpms. Test drove another like vehicle under the same conditions. Both vehicles operated identically in regards to this vibration. No work or repair was made at this time. This condition is within normal operating parameters of the year and model vehicle."
Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this vibration since Lexus will not.

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