Mazda CX-5 Windshield/Moisture Issues

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My husband and I have been looking into the CX-5 for the past year or so. We were first looking to purchase a 2013, but then heard about the not great acceleration and so we waited for the 2014 as that fixed the problem.

But recently, I googled CX-5 problems and the moisture issue popped up. According to some owners, the windshield has a tendency to ice up on the inside when cold out.

I live in Chicago and after this last winter, I am kind of adverse to buying a vehicle that has an interior icing problem. Any CX-5 drivers live in the Midwest area and drove in the winter? Any other problems with the CUV while driving in the dead of winter?


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    The CX-5's did receive an increase of about 30 horsepower for the 2014 and later model years. As for the windshield moisture issue, I have not read that this was a common problem. I have come across a more serious issue that seems prevalent and that is complaints about cracked windshields. I've read about this on a few different sites with owners speculating on the cause which may be structural; some of the windshields that cracked had not been hit by any debris such as pebbles / rocks.
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