Pontiac Firebird dies randomly.....

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i have been having problems for the last few months, since i got the car back up and running! the car set for almost a year. i had to change the starter, battery, and ran what was left of the old gas out. when i put new gas in it with some gas treatment( i forget now what it was called), it fired up and ran great for several months! Recently, it has been dying on me, i have heard that it may be fuel pump, or fuel filter. Anyways, it will start and idle after it sets for a few hours, but then i try to drive it and cant go more than a couple of miles before it just dies on me! Sometimes it will start right back up and die shortly after( 2-3 mins), sometimes it will only start up after a couple of mins(5-10) then die again after (2-3mins of power). i lose power steering and my brakes are shy to work and have to be pressed firmly( new brakes: rotors and all). Recently, cleaned out air filter and some of the grime for where the air enters the block(throttle body i assume). Either way, i am no mechanic and its like the car gets the life sucked out of it in a flash, any suggestions are MORE than welcomed!


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    1992 Pontiac Firebird 3.1Liter V6 when i got the brakes done, the mechanic i took it to also said that a security system installed in the car could be shutting it off for various reasons

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