Saab 9-3 Lights Blowing Monthly

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Hello -

My Saab has a bad problem of blowing lights regularly. In the past 6 months the headlights/high beams have blown 5 times, the brake lights twice, tag lights and 1 side marker. I bought the at used and the previous owner has an equalizer installed but I do not use it. I see where he had wires run from the battery to feed this. I'm not saying it's the cause but could it be? What other things can I check? Voltage regulator? Alternator? How?

Thanks for your time.


  • bobbydigibobbydigi Member Posts: 3

    Also to add.... The previous owner also had an aftermarket radio installed. The way to power it is by flicking a switch where the cigarette lighter was. If I leave it on and turn he car off, the radio stays on 24/7. Weird way to install a radio??? Could it be causing my issues? Thanks

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