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Oldsmobile Intrigue: Problems & Solutions

oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
edited March 2014 in Oldsmobile
Still waiting for a solution. Has a mind of it's own and does it once in a while: kind of gurgles right to idle (briefly) on start when engine is warm, as opposed to a normal crank where rpms smoothly jump above 1,000 rps and then settle at idle.

On another note that may be related: I notice a vibration at idle. About every two seconds I feel the motor vibrate and then it's smooth again. Back and forth like clockwork (about 3 seconds apart). It seems that for 3 seconds, idle is smooth and then it vibrates for 2 seconds. I feel it in the steering wheel, seats, and floor. It's not real pronounced but noticeable. When I stare at rpms, It appears to drop on a miniscule level during the vibration. I mean you have to really look closely to see it move (it's that minor of a change). Maybe a millimeter at the most. I've never mentioned this to the dealer but I will at next visit. Maybe my motor just needs to be idled higher? I'll check rpms at warm idle and follow up to compare with some of y'all. I use Chevron gas (87 octane).


  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Don't think it has anything to do with the gas. I use 87 octane all time and the car is fine.
  • oldsdanlpoldsdanlp Posts: 6
    I notice a low pitched rumble that seems to be coming from the rear of the car, especially at low speeds. It seems to be louver when the brakes are applied. My vehicle is a 2000 with 30000 i. on it. Love to drive the car. Very nice motor especially on the freeway. Also does anyone else's wheel covers click and pop at low speeds. It even does it when the car is sitting still after driving.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    That clicking and popping is probably your catalytic converter, which clicks and pops a lot when changing tempuratures. (They get really hot).
  • ricom560ricom560 Posts: 10
    This old guy wants to start changing his own oil and is a little gun-shy. I notice a forward-facing drain and a filter plug for which I have a wrench. The filter I bought does not include a seal. Does the plug have an integral seal? Also,a few thoughts about changing to a 100% synthetic at 13000 miles. Thanks, Rich
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Yes, the "plug" has an integral o-ring seal. The synthetic change is a personal preference. Most say it's overkill on a street driven car, but you can extend your change intervals, so it can save you some work if you change your own oil. Saves a few trips "under the car."
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    Nope its not the cat. conv., as that does tick on cool dwon like many metal parts as they contract from heat to cool off, normal. The click you hear is in fact the wheel caps on the 2000 and later models. And yes, it even will do it while the car sits. its again, normal, but perhaps
    not the most nice sounding thing. Don' worry about it.
  • rsp920rsp920 Posts: 1
    I just got a new Intrigue about 6 weeks ago. It acts funny sometimes. When I change from Reverse to Drive or first put it in gear and step on the gas nothing happens for a minute and then it finally seems to engage. Has anyone had this problem and know what it might be?

    Also, the gas mileage is not as good as I expected. I am only getting about 16.5 around town (which is not a large metropolitan area - just a smallish city) and about 18 mixed highway and city.

    All help appreciated.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Not sure about the hesitation. you may want to get that adjusted at the dealer.

    As for the mileage, my 2000 GL was horrific for the first 4-5 tanks and then quickly got better. I get about 18 city and 28 highway now. Mixed is around 21-22. I'm estimating as I have to convert from L/KMs,

    Hope that helps.
  • sbaksbak Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Intrigue with 25000 miles on it. In the last 5000 miles I have had some problems with the transmission. It sometimes will click and jerk when shifting, both up and down. When traveling up hill it feels like it is slipping and runs at a higher than normal PM at 70-80mph. Also could all the other owners try this for me. When in park try to pull the sifter all the way back to 1st. Can you? I barely can get to 2nd and 1st is just too hard. I was wondering if this is "normal"
  • wx5lwx5l Posts: 4
    Just purchased a 2001 Intrigue. Just getting use to it and have found 2 items that are noticeable.

    When making a hard turn right or left from a stop I hear a groan from beneath the hood. Kind of reminds me of a power steering pump struggling. don't hear it on slight turns.

    When driving the car there is an incessant clicking noise from the seat belt recoil area near my left ear. It seems to fade as the air conditioned cools the car but returns when the car is hot. I'd hate to start jamming foam rubber between cracks in that area.

    Has anyone noticed any of these 2 noises?

    New Orleans, LA.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    Sounds like it could be the pump. Or, since it is still very new, possibly not enough fluid in the pump. Since it's still under warranty, I say take it to the dealer and let them see what it is.

    I'm on my second Intrigue. Had it for about the same amount of time. I'll listen out to see if I hear it in mine as well. Haven't so far.
  • taekutaeku Posts: 2
    I bought a new 99 Intrigue w/ the 3.5 engine. Recently, I am hearing a buzzing sound from the engine just behind wheel on the driver side? The dealer I've been dealing with first claimed they didn't hear it. The second time I brought it in, they claimed that it was normal. It sounds a lot like the sound from my old Delta 88 where the engine had to be replaced due to something being worn out in the engine.

    Is this a known problem or am I just one of the unlucky ones? Anyone know what could be problem?
  • wx5lwx5l Posts: 4
    I brought my 2 week old Intrigue into the service shop.

    The manager jumped in the car to analyze my concerns.
    1. The groan that I hear is the AS brake system which only happens one time after each start. He said it was part of the start-up(pump). He said it was normal for this car. Guess I'll just have to live with it.
    2. That noise I was hearing near my left ear was not coming from the weather-stripping but from the head rest. It was fully extended and when I exert a force forwards on the headrest it stops. I collapsed the headrest down all the way and the noise disappears.
  • tomw11tomw11 Posts: 6
    My 2000 Intrigue (23k miles) recently was diagnosed with 2 tires having broken belts and 2 tires that are "cuffed or cupped" ? The cuffed tires have low spots that cause a loud noise when driving. The tires are the original Goodyear Eagle LS 225/60R16's. Has anyone else experienced this kind of tire failure? My driving is primarily highway and I don't go looking for potholes or curbs to hit. I have no intention of buying new Goodyears. I was thinking Michelins. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    These are suppose to be good. I like my Eagles though.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Any Olds/GM technicians here? I've got a few questions about the BCM and some of it's features.
  • Does anyone have the passenger compartment air filter and has changed it themselves? I don't quite understand how to do it.
  • If your referring to the pollen filter then it is a quite easy process.

    First you must turn on your wipers and turn off the car when the wipers are in the upper most position, opposite of the parked position.

    Second you must raise the hood and remove the plastic washer type screws (2 or 3 not sure) on the right side (passenger) air plenum cover. You will notice that this black plastic cover is split midway across the window. It may be necessary to giggle it a bit as this half cover wraps around a little under the passenger fender.

    When you get plenum cover out , Ta da , the filter is sitting there, about 4 by 10 inches. It must be lifted at the front, enough to clear the metal holder frame and slid out .

    Naturally, replacement is the reverse order . Good luck
  • I have a problem with the to plastic screws. I keep turning them and they don't come out. the screws just keep turning. Am i supposed to take it out another way?
  • Replaced a battery and now everything goes dead as soon as I turn the key. Unlpug positive and plug back in and everything is back. Turn the key and it is dead again.
  • cleong, sorry i havent got back sooner but the world is a different place now for me.

    Any way, the plastic screws are a pain. Try lifting up or wiggling on the screws as you are unscrewing. I find they are more like a plug than a screw.

    Hope this helps.
  • I just picked up my new Ruby Metalic Intrigue last night. I drove straight home and parked in my garage.When I go out in the bright light this morning I can see 5 tiny chips in the paint along the passenger side. They aren't large. About the size of a capital O. Does anyone else have a Ruby Metalic Intrigue? Is this just defective paint? It is a beautiful car but now I am really scared. The salesman want me to accept a touch-up job but others on this web site have advised me that touch-up jobs always show. I am taking a big loss in the depreciation on this car I can't afford to have it depreciated further by a telling paint job. Any more Ruby Metalics out there? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 99 GLS with 20000 miles on it and it has always needed oil between changes (every 3000 miles). It seems to need even more lately - 2 quarts between changes. This seems like a lot. Also, sometimes, when I start it, it idles rough and I notice the exhaust is a little smokey. This goes away after driving slowly a block. Is this oil usage normal? Anyone having rough idle? Should I get this checked out? Thanks.
  • wx5lwx5l Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 GLS. A few days after I had it I noticed a minor but annoying non-metallic noise coming from the drivers door. It seemed to be coming from near my left ear. When I would either pull or push on the handle it would go away. It would only occur on medium to rough road services and sounded like styroform being squeezed.

    I brought it in but the service advisor just couldn't here it. My wife and I could here it but he couldn't. Maybe his tolerance for incidental noise is much higher than mine.

    Frustrated at the lack of interest by my dealer I investegated myself and found the trouble to be the plastic retainer pins that holds the lower part of the door covering to the metal door. These plastic pins would move causing this irriating noise.

    Not wanting to deal with my unconcerned dealer I popped-out these lower pins and applied a small amount of lithium grease to the pins and now that noise is history.
  • oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
    I have a 99 GLS with 17K mi on it. Since brand new, I've experienced the occasional rough idle when starting. Only happens when engine is hot/warm and of course dealer can't find anything wrong. Others on these boards have experienced it too but I haven't heard of a fix. It's another elusive gremlin.

    My 3.5 burns oil too. About a quart every 3K. This will vary depending on driving and other conditions. It is normal for this engine but 2 quarts is a bit high. A service advisor told me that for this motor, it takes almost 10 minutes for all of the oil to drain into the pan. I don't know if that's true but keep that in mind when checking next time.
  • Hard to believe it takes 10 minutes to drain the oil into the pan. If this was the case, then with just less than 6 liters in the pan, then the oil pump would run out of oil to pump pretty quickly.

    As for gremlins, I have the record on my 2001 12000kms. Dealer, even gm rep ( paid to say no) can't hear or experience any of my problems.
  • I have the 98 Intrigue for over 2 yrs. It runs great. There is just one problem-I need to re-adjust the sticky passenger front door every time I have an oil change. The probelm seems to be the black plastic trim which run from outside mirror to the back door along the top of the door. It shift over time toward the end of the car. I remember that there were similar complaints in this chat room. Anyone found a way to fix it?
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    I had the problem but my dealer fixed it about a year ago when I was still in warranty and it hasn't moved since. Sorry don't know what they did.
  • I have a 99 GLS, and until recently I've been very happy with it. A few months ago, I noticed that the steering was getting tight when parking, especially when backing up. It got to the point where it was like the power steering was gone. Once the engine is at higher RPMs, it's fine. Took it to the dealer, and first they replaced the intermediate column ($300). That fixed the annoying clunk we always had, but not the other problem. Next trip, they said they had to replace the whole rack ($1,500). It's been about a month, and it's now getting worse than before. They said they got a bad rack, and they're looking for another one (no cost- how generous). Meanwhile the car has been in their shop/lot for 4 of the last 8 weeks. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Is there something else it could be, like a sensor or pump problem? Thanks for the help.
  • oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
    I have a 99 GLS (4-99) and my steering is heavier than it used to be. Also, had intermediate shaft replaced and this tightened it up but didn't fix the heaviness.

    About 3 months ago, I complained about heaviness and minor shudder to dealer. They checked it out and said GM is aware of problem but "no fix" at this time.

    Later, I noticed a TSB on steering and took it in again (referring to the TSB). Mechanic said steering normal, no problems found. When I asked about the TSB, they said the TSB is for 3.8L Intrigues.

    So basically we're stuck with power steering that doesn't give enough assist unless, a new pump or something does the trick. Dealer won't do anything because mechanic say's it's normal. Well yeah, it's a normal defect.

    This is why I was inquiring about MagasteerII on the main board. If you get a pump or something else replaced and it helps, post it. That info will help others pursuade their dealers to do the same.

    Since I'm still under warranty, they're not eager to solve problems. Sounds like your outside of warranty so I'm sure they'll find something.
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