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Top 14 Wagons and Hatchbacks with the Best Highway Fuel Economy for 2014 | Posts: 9,857
edited June 2014 in General
imageTop 14 Wagons and Hatchbacks with the Best Highway Fuel Economy for 2014 |

Many drivers with long freeway commutes value strong highway fuel economy. These 14 wagons and hatchbacks offer the best highway mileage in their segment.

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  • emajoremajor Posts: 330

    This list sure is useful if you think anyone is insane enough to cross-shop a $14K Mitsubishi crapcan with a $27K VW diesel because they have the same highway fuel economy. These "Top Whatever" articles are really lazy and subpar, Edmunds, and certainly don't belong on the "What's Hot" page.

  • emajoremajor Posts: 330

    Further reinforcing the "lazy" part of my complaint, you put a picture of the GTI instead of a Golf diesel on the cover photo for this article.

  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 144

    I think I agree with you, emajor.

  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 144

    Oh, I believe it's a VW GTD pictured, but still a rehash of the same old articles. Hey edmunds, how bout a really cool piece on what vehicles, from the cheapest to the most expinsive, are available with manual transmissions. THAT is some useful info that can save a lot of time.

  • vinvazvinvaz Posts: 11

    Why does Mercedes not sell the E250 in wagon form is beyond me! Would be one great luxury wagon choice.
    How good are the 4 cylinder Volvo engines in the new T5 T6 form?

  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156

    Here we go again. Does anybody remember why EPA started requiring the combined rating? Because automakers were claiming the best highway MPG and yet consumers were not achieving high numbers in daily driving. Would this list be the same using combined numbers?

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