Oldsmobile Intrigue Accessories & Modifications

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I had my windows tinted (:
Just thought I'd get things going here.

Didn't have the Bose and didn't like the stock unit, especially the word Oldsmobile written on it. Not that the sound was bad, it just wasn't impressive. So, I replaced it with a Pioneer DEHP4100 for about $218 installed if I remember correctly. Incredible, even with the stock speakers. Detachable face, tiny remote control, DFS alarm, etc. The audio functions are great with indepth, multi-level tuning to set the sound exactly as you like. No longer have control from the steering wheel but I like the tiny remote better anyway. Very functional in the right hand while driving and controls a bunch of functions. Don't need an amp or different speakers.

Future mods/upgrades: Struts will be in the trash as soon as I get the nerve and motivation to do it, plus, I'd like to do the tires at the same time and I've only got 12K on this car. I wish I could see the bare bones of my drive train, chassis, and suspension system to get a better idea of exactly how different struts would eliminate the harsh ride. So far, the way I see it is this. Buick Regal and Intrigue weigh the same and use identical springs. Regal ride is comfortable, mine is harsh. The only thing I can think of is the difference being in the struts. However, I've been told not to look for ride improvement in the struts, only dampening ability? I want my suspension to absorb the road, not just dampen the trauma after the fact. So... I guess I'm waiting for a little more assurance that a strut replacement will make a difference at least commensurate to the cost.

Also interested in Cat-Back and Strut Tower Braces. Maybe a K&N down the road.


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    I posted this on the main forum but figured this is the appropriate place to put the information as well.

    The part number is 33-2063-1. However, I did a search under 2001, Oldsmobile, Aurora to figure it out. But to make sure that it will fit the Intrigue, use another filter maker as a reference. In other words, see if the part number for, say AC Delco, is the same for both the Aurora and Intrigue. If so, you've got a fit. Don't bother searching under Intrigue for the years 1999 thru 2001. You'll come up blank.

    Here's the link to do the search: http://www.knfilters.com/appinq.htm .

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    I'd be interested in knowing if it will work, but I have to admit being squeamish about making an unproven mod to a new car. The one main problem with my old Mazda Protege was that every 2nd or 3rd air filter, I'd have to replace the air flow meter... (Modern computerized air mixture systems are so incredibly fussy. It's just not like the days when I could eliminate spark knock in my Plymouth Valiant, by stuffing a rag on top of the carb!)
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    As expensive as the 3.5 would be to have repaired if there is a problem, I'm going to stay away from anything that could increase the chance of problems with it, especially if an extra 3hp is the end result.
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    Understandable concerns. Since I don't have the 3.5 I can't say how it will respond. Engine damage can result if the installer forgets to put the gasket around the filter housing. Other than that, I wouldn't be too concerned.

    My 3.8 feels much smoother across the board, but particularly so when in 2nd gear and mashing the gas. Very smooth and linear-- V-8-like. For me, it was a good move.

    But the 3.8 has been around a while. If I get another Intrigue (2002 model), I'll put one on. K&N has a good reputation and (speaking only from my personal experience) the performance improvements I've noticed are worth the risk. Plus I look at it from a financial perspective: I'll never have to replace an air filter again :)
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    There is a nice discussion about K&N type filters in the news & views area of the townhall.
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    Anyone remember the link b4z gave us to the shop that made ground effects for the Intrigue? He posted a picture of one. I'm in the process of planning to "supe-up" my Intrigue.
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    Razzi makes them, not sure what the link is though.. Should be able to search for them.
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    9 inch K&N cone (would recommend 7")Made cold air box out of thin corrurgated plastic and covered it with aluminum heat tape. Whole thing cost $45. Sounds very nice and noticible HP on butt-dyno. A 7" cone (and plenty big)at jegs is only $31.

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    I posted this on the main forum but the subject has been coming up more frequently so I'm putting it here too:

    Check out the Pioneer 4100DEH. Without changing your speakers, the sound is crisp and clean. Of course, upgrading the speakers would be even better. If you do, you'd probably need an amp... the receiver is only 45Watts. But after listening to systems with more power, I've seen that wattage isn't what makes the sound.

    Why did I pick it? Truthfully, because oscarz did and I was in the market for one. I picked it up at Circuit City for about $239 (on-sale). Features include:

    -3 band eq
    -source level adjustment (SLA)
    -15 FM station presets
    -display name of CD playing
    -BSM (Best Station Memory)
    -detachable face
    -remote control
    -alarm built in
    -reads CD-R and CD-RW disks

    There are so many ways to adjust the sound to perfectly fit your taste that I would have to open the manual to explain. The highs are crisp, the lows deep and NO distortion when cranked up to unnecessary levels.

    I don't have the steering wheel controls but it is generally agreed (and assumed) that they will still work since good installers will use a wire harness and thus keep your settings. But remember, it comes with a remote control :-)
  • one2oneone2one Member Posts: 626
    Checked Crutchfield mag today and found that the Pioneer 4100 isn't made anymore. But that's a good thing. Now they have the 4300. All the same features plus you can now adjust the treble and bass for the front as well as the rear speakers! I also think the face is not removeable but it folds away to look like there is no radio in the dash.
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    Any ideas on minor performance mods for a 2001? Had mine for less than a month, but now that she is broken in I'm starting to push the engine a bit and it just takes it and asks for more. Is there a direct fit K&N drop in replacement that fits this car? I've looked a couple of places and cannot find any. Also, anyone use synthetic oil?
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    SLP, the company that makes the mods for the Camaro SS/Firebird Firehawk makes some performance parts for the Grand Prix that apply to the Intrigue (and Regal). You might consider checking them out. They have a reasonably priced front brake upgrade that bumps the rotors from 11" to 12" without requiring new calipers. www.slponline.com There is probably more for the earlier 3800 Intrigues, though.

    I don't own an Intrigue, but I thought I would point this out. Actually, I considered an Intrigue because of the cost, but the Aurora's interior, coupled with that incredible sounding V8 was too strong to resist. My only suggestion would be that the GLS not include the spoiler and chrome wheels. I think the Intrigue looks much cleaner without them. It's a very attractive car.
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    It's all in the eye of the beholder. I personally think they add to the appearance of the car. My son's Intrigue that be bought new off the lot didn't have a spoiler and he added one to his. My 2002 GS came from the factory with one. Besides, the extra brake lights are nice in the back too!
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    I don't think the spoiler is unattractive, but I think the Intrigue looks cleaner without it. However, if it weren't standard then one could always opt to get it. It isn't possible to opt out of getting it if you want a GLS. I thought the chrome wheels look ok, but it depends on the color. Actually, I think the non-chrome would look better if they had a nicer finish on them. For some reason they looked real flat. Actually, I kind of liked the wheel style of the earlier Intrigues better. All in all, I think the Intrigue is very stylish, though. It is sporty and luxurious and understated all at the same time. Many cars that want to be sporty end up with over-the-top styling, but the Intrigue nicely avoids this. I also thought it had excellent visibility from the drivers seat, and the car drove very competently. If the Aurora had been out of my price range, an Intrigue GLS would definitely be parked in my garage now. Actually, I was originally shopping for an Intrigue, but my wife noticed the red on an Aurora seemed more attractive than the red Intrigue. Once we went over and sat in the Aurora, we were hooked. It's surprising that there was even a red Aurora on the lot because it isn't a common color for it. I don't think I've ever seen a red one on the road (except for mine).

    I hope no one sees this as offensive. My intent is not to belittle the Intrigue. I really think it is a great car. I just thought the Aurora was the Intrigue of the next level.
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    I have a '99 Intrigue an am considering a K&N mod. How did yours work out. (I saw an old posting of yours from April 2001.)

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    Intrigue and Regal use different spring rates... I'll have to search to find the exact numbers. I know when these cars debuted in 97-98, Car and Driver listed the suspension specs for the three cars (Regal, Intrigue and Grand Prix). Regal had softest springs and smallest sway bars. Grand Prix had stiffest springs and Intrigue had largest sway bars. I am thinking along the same lines as you: Regal struts and springs and Intrigue sway bars. Smoother, more compliant ride but retain as much as possible the good cornering attitude. I did something similar to my Firebird Formula... swapped out springs from a V-6 model (20% softer) and retained the Formula sway bars. Made a significant difference in over-the-road harshness. My next step is a set of Bilstein struts... these are supposed to be smoother riding without giving up any handling prowess.
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    Front Springs
    Prod# Code Service#
    22133031 FKN 22133030 Highest Rate
    22133030 FKJ 22133030
    22133029 FJT 22133030
    22133028 FJS 22133028
    22133027 FJR 22133028 Lowest Rate

    Rear Springs
    Prod# Code Service#
    10258880 TDJ 10258880 Highest Rate
    10258879 TDH 10258879
    10276574 TFY 10276574
    10276573 TFW 10276573 Lowest Rate

    Here is a discussion on the subject
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    Hello, all.
    I haven't posted anything in a few months, but I thought I would try to revive this discussion with listing out my mods.
    I own a Red (I don't know the official color name, but it was no longer used after 99.) 99 GL 3.5.

    You won't believe the amount of searching I've been doing (online) to find mods for the Intrigue. So far, I've only found an SLP front stabilizer bar, a drop-in replacement K&N filter, a Tornado Air unit, and the SLP cat-back exhaust (which was mentioned early in the main discussion).

    As for the speculation in this discussion of the K&N drop-in, I've managed to find the part that fits. It toook a small bit of work to find it. I went to ACdelco.com and did a "Vehicle List" search for AC part # A1096C (Intrigue 3.5 air filter). It listed all the vehicles and years that also use that part #. Simply do a K&N search for the replacement filter for any of the other vehicles, and you'll have better luck than searching for an Intrigue. I ended up doing a K&N search for the Olds Aurora '97 and the filter fits fine. It's K&N part # 33-2086. Not 33-2063 as previously thought(I list my method so any naysayers can do it themselves for that visual proof).

    As for the Tornado Air unit, I actually noticed an improvement, despite some lack of faith from other posters. I've noticed almost a 2 mph improvement of top speed in first gear. I tested this on a flat street with the shifter in first.
    In fact, I installed the K&N after the Tornado and, expecting the combo to knock my socks off, I did not see any real improvement at all with the same test. And I know that K&N's power comes on in the high RPMs.

    The SLP cat-back is the crowning achievement so far in my mod-quest. I don't remember the first person to post the existence of the exhaust on the forum (and am too lazy to search for it), but I thank you whole-heartedly for showing me the light. I haven't had a real chance to put this baby to the test with WOT, but I have felt the difference. I first noticed the drop in low-end torque, but soon after, noticed the pick-up in the mid to high RPMs. As a bonus, the engine seems to want to get to the redline quicker than stock. I've also noticed that the acceleration curve is a lot more linear in the low RPMs, but starts to curve upward steeply at around 3200. However, it does lack that noticeable punch.

    Oh, and when searching on slponline.com, the exhaust system is listed for the Intrigue with the 3800 V6 and the Buick Regal. Don't let that put you off, the system fits the 3.5 perfectly. The system purrs at idle, from outside, and is noticeable, but not intrusive,inside the cabin. The exhaust note is almost imperceptibly louder from stock and is barely noticeable at speed, other than being lower. However, the more you open the throttle, the more apparent the gruffness of the note.

    I haven't dyno-tested the car, but my guess is that, with all mods included, I'm pushing about 230 peak horses and about 237-240 peak lb/ft of torque and with a bit more room under most of the curve.

    Upcoming mods will be a custom-fit cold-air intake (no one makes one for the 3.5), 18" wheels, and hopefully an OSV-like custom ground effects. Those Razzi GEs are crappy. This is all when I can afford it, of course. Oh, and I'll put on the front anti-roll bar that I have.

    Well, there goes my list. I've probably precluded myself from having any more to say, but I've got it all off my chest. :)
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    Had one installed on my old 99er GLS at around 30k and traded the car at 75k miles..No problem..bought the car new..

    Traded it on a 02 GL---the 02 is a mess, tires were all changed at my expense.,File was started at Olds the day after the purchase..

    Olds made a suspension change to soft mushy calibration, requested new springs and struts or a buyout..
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    What is the bulb size that has a plastic socket and it goes behing the instrument cluster?

    Is it a PC 168?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I did not get an automatic door lock key fob when I bought my 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue but I think this thing has remote control door locks. Can anyone confirm this? Am I lacking only the key fob?
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    What model do you have? I have a GL and it has the key fob. Check here on Edmunds under the used car section to see what the standard equuipment was on your particular model. My guess is that you do have automatic door locks if you have a GL or GLS.
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    I just bought a used 2000 last week and I already blew out a rear speaker. I have some that will fit in if I could only get the stock speakers out. Can someone tell me or help me out here?
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    I wanted to get replacement floor mats for my 00 Intrigue. The interior is a light tan, and I would like to get mats with the Olds logo sewn into them, kinda like the originals.

    Can anyone suggest a place to get such a thing?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    There are a number of websites that still sell Olds accessories. Plsu you shold be alble to buy it from the dealer.

    Do Google search for "Oldsmobile accessories".
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    hey everyone, I have a 2002 GX Intrigue and the dealer tells me that all 2002 Intrigues are equipped with keyless entry. When I bought mine, it came with one key and no keyfobs. I acquired two keyfobs recently and I want to know if any one knows if I can program them myself? Or must I take them back to the dealer for programming? Thanks a lot..
  • dirkworkdirkwork Member Posts: 210
    This was covered before - check the GM Triplet's minivan forum (the key fobs are the same I think) for programming. YOu can get them used on Ebay, maybe even find the one you should have gotten with the car!

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    Hello, my radio is a non Bose with cassette. I seem to have 2 connectors with 2 separate harnesses that plug into the radio. One with the majority of wires and the other with 2 or 3. All the harnesses I see have only one connector. I bought a scosche from cardomain but it doesn't even fit the larger connector (p.i.a. after tearing into dash). Can anyone tell me which one I need or do I have the right one and am just stupid? spoke to crutchfield today and they directed me to a single connector harness.

    Thanks, Mark
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    I have a 99 Intrigue GL/3.5L, w/ 95K on it now.
    Lots of problems with it along the way (still uses at least 2 quarts oil between changes), but what really bothers me is that the performance & pick-up is not great anymore.
    Engine has a bit of a knock now/takes forever for it to "take off" when I floor it/shifting is not smooth at all/etc.
    That was the only reason I could even tolerate all the problems. This car was/is really fun to drive!
    Is it just too old to perform the way it used to? I am thinking the transmission may be ready to "go"...and am trying the Lucas treatment to see if that will smooth it out (not slipping yet, just jumping into gears now).
    Should the spark plugs be replaced (recommended I heard at 100K)?
    Should I be using high octane gas now(never have)?
    Anything else I could do to pep it up?
    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    My 99 Intrigue GLS with 153,000 runs almost like new. You have to give it the required TLC. Doesn't it deserve new plugs, filters, fuel injector and throttle body cleanings, tranny and coolant services. If you haven't done any of these services yet bail out of the car before it is too late. Many repairs were needed to my car after 100k.
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  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    I wold check out Chilton's website: http://www.chiltonsonline.com/ or hayne's: http://www.haynes.com/ or Ebay.
  • dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
  • dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
  • dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
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    I am soon getting a well maintained low milage 2001 Intrigue. I am wondering if there is a source for a cold air filter charger system (K&N style)? Are there any performance parts for the Intrigue's motor (throttle body or chips)?
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    Has anyone put on a HID kit on the trig? if so, how did it turn out?
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    Hey everyone, i own a 1999 fully loaded intrigue GLS with aftermarket 16 inch alloy rims that look fairly decent for being 16 inches, but id like to upgrade to 18 inch rims when more money is available to me. I installed new Polk speakers in the front pannels and rear deck which was about a 3 hour project that requires another person to help you out (the rear deck is complicated) The polk audio dbs are amazing and install friendly, they put out massive bass and clear sound just with the stock reciever, but i will be upgrading the receiver to a kenwood KDC that has the best reviews for the intrigue. I also will be installing 2, 6 1/2 inch subs in the trunk with 2 500 watt amps that would cost about $500 for wiring, amps, and the subs.
    My next projects will be a powertech dual round tip muffler that i found at http://dynamicautodesign.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=7&products_id=406- &osCsid=1ac662e9865f03a76ab690be14746513
    i also found a cold air intake for the 3.8 engine at andysautosport (offers manyyyy other autoparts for any car)
    and my last project will probably be tinting windows and redoing the interior
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    you have to pop off that "carpeting" thats covering the rear light as well as the speakers. there should be this cirlce thing on either side by your seat belts, pop them off and carefully remove the covering. from there you'll need to un-screw the screws around the speakers. before you pull them out go in from the trunk and detatch the wires.
  • jammyburks1jammyburks1 Member Posts: 4
    im about to purchase 20inch rims to put on my 2000 oldsmobile intrigue. i was worried about rubbing and damaging the rims but i talked to a bod expert and he ensured me that i would be fine. but i want to add a suspension/body lift just to be safe. and i want a good 5 inches at least. any input? im not to good with cars, theo nly mods iv made so far is tint the windows and replace all my stcok audio with an entire new system, sony explde radio, pioneer door speakers & audio planets in the back tow all ran on an amp and then two 15's in the trunk ran on a 3600 watt amp. so im new to the aspect of fixing up the body. any and all input is much appriciated =) thank you
    please reply to me at [email protected] via email
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    On an Olds Intrigue...Does anyone know the approximate length from the rear of the trunk lid to the holes where the spoiler screws go into ?? :confuse: Front and rear holes...
    Also does anyone know the approximate length from side of trunk lid to spoiler holes ?? :confuse:

    I went to pull-a-part,and and got a spoiler from another Olds Intrigue,and I didn't write down the measurements. :mad:

    I dont currently have a spoiler on the trunk lid and am adding one..I dont want to just guesstimate the measurements.
    And really dont want to drive back to pull-a-part to measure the holes considering its 25 mins away...

    If anyone can help,I'd appreciate it.
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