2006 Chrysler Sebring A/C blower

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My A/C only blows on a high setting. The second I turn it down it stops blowing. What would cause that?

4 cyl


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    I don't know what model Chrysler you have but a similar issue happened with my Nissan minivan a couple of years ago. Only working on the highest fan speed is a classic symptom of a bad blower resistor. On many cars they are easily assessable, typically in the front passenger side footwell area. Mine took three screws to switch out, and the resistors are cheap enough it's not a big risk to just buy one and see if that fixes your problem.

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    I have a 06 Sebring. I will look into that. Thank you for your reply
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    RockAuto.com has them for $6 to $10 plus shipping so you should be able to find one locally I'd think for under $20 or $25 out the door. More if you don't want a "generic" part.

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    That fixed it! I appreciate the help..
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