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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your LS!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

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  • stevesteinstevestein Member Posts: 263
    I've been posting on the Lexus LS topic under Sedans. I took delivery of my LS430 two weeks ago, and I am thrilled with the car. It's Mystic Sea Opalescent/Ecru with the ML/Nav/LLink options. Wheels and suspension are standard. Thanks to Jflx, wbwynn, flint350 and many others for help in making the purchasing decision and also for some C-Best recommendations.
    One possible area for this board is a discussion of changes made to the default settings of the basic car and Nav system. Door locks are one popular change. The Edmunds list under profile won't let you select an LS430, only an LS400. You need to update this pull down list.
  • edspider1edspider1 Member Posts: 195
    Yes, Yes. I've been asking for that change for 8 months. Amazing how hard it is for them.
  • mikie_camikie_ca Member Posts: 3
    Hi Karen, is there a message board for IS owners? I looked but could not find one. Picked mine up yesterday, great car! Just curious to find out if any issues with the IS series that I should be concerned about.

    LS owners, my apology for taking up your space and time here, thanks!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    As you can see, the LS owners aren't exactly active here in the LS club. Perhaps if I change it to Lexus LS AND IS Owners it will bring in some new blood?

    Owners Club
  • mikie_camikie_ca Member Posts: 3
    Actually, that's not a bad idea at all, as long as LS folks don't feel like they are being "down graded" But....International Scout?!?! My father used to have one!!! :)
    Got my IS a couple of days ago, almost picked up a speeding tix on my way home from the dealer, got off with just a friendly warning, the officer must be a Lexus fan. God bless them CHP's! Does
    any one know if the IS is considered a sport car? My insurance co. just tripled my policy, even though I have a spotless driving record, siting that the IS is a high risk car. I can see their point, though, the IS WILL do 90+ so effortlessly that you wouldn't even feel it! Time to shop for a new insurance co. ?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    But....International Scout?!?! My father used to have one!!! :)

    Are you inferring that I am OLD???!!! Uhh..well..I guess I am. ;-) That Scout got me through a lot of weather. Since I was working nights at the time, it was comforting knowing I could make it home even if the plows hadn't gotten out yet. But, I do recall that the heater wasn't all that great.

    I doubt if they LS folks will put up a fuss, and I will put it on my to-do list.

    Owners Clubs
  • mikie_camikie_ca Member Posts: 3
    Oh, Noooooooo! I would't bite the hands that feed me, would I? :) You were right about the heater in the Scout, always either too hot or too cold! But I should not complaint about it because for 5 years, it was our family car, and the previous car that my father had? A WW II surplus Jeep!
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Member Posts: 125
    Hi Everyone,
    Just thought I'd say hello and that I'm looking forward to learning more about your experiences with the LS. I picked up my car in January and now have 2700 miles on it. I got the custom package...silver with ecru interior. Believe it or not, there was not a single problem with it....There are a few quirks with the dealer settings that kind of bug me, but I guess I'll get used to them.
  • jsb16jsb16 Member Posts: 64
    Did your sealer have agood stock of the custom luxury vehicles vs. the ultra luxury vehicles? I can't see how the extra $5K for the UL model is worth it since the back seat is little used and then only by my kids. I guess my ideal vehicle would be a 2001 certified custom luxury trade-in since I only drive 8000 miles a year and like the idea of not taking such a big depreciation hit. How much below sticker were you able to purchae the vehicle for?
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Member Posts: 125
    The dealer did not have any Custom or Luxury vehicles on premises. However, I told him what I wanted (the Custom pkg) and color (silver/ecru) and he checked the shipments that were coming in from Japan. He found one and made sure I got it. It took about 3 weeks to get the exact car I wanted. Not bad!!! In case you're in CA, I got mine at Thousand Oaks Lexus. Ask for Junius. He was very patient.
    My company has a fleet deal with Lexus so I think I got a pretty good price.
    I agree about the Ultra. All the back seat extras does nothing for MY
  • jefftpjefftp Member Posts: 11
    JBianco & JSB16:

    I don't know that I agree- the reclining rear seat in the Ultra is pretty sweet... Its the most comfortable you are going to be in a moving vehicle, with the possible exception of a private railcar or the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car Cartier "L". An then just think: No longer would the kids have to be content with rolling the power windows up, and down, and up and down and up and down and... They could recline the seet up and back and up and back and up and back and ...........
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Member Posts: 125
    I did seriously consider the Ultra. The back seat does provide serious comfort. But I guess I just didn't need it bad enough. Maybe next time. If the gadgets keep the kids amused, then there's certainly some value add for you.
  • phung9phung9 Member Posts: 2
    Hello everybody
    I am considering of buying a LS400 1990, only one concern is the average maintenance cost of this luxury sedan.
    Is there any advise or idea how much it would cost average for this car?

    Thks for your time.

  • c5goldc5gold Member Posts: 4
    I'm a new member to this discussion.
    I pick up a new LS430 UL tomorrow. I've seen several references to default settings for nav system and ??. Does this refer to the dealer's ability to "program" various functions in the car ? On the test drive, I noticed the auto door locks do not unlock (rear) when car is shut down or in Park. Is this programmable ?? What else is ?
    Any info would be appreciated.
  • stevesteinstevestein Member Posts: 263
    Dealers can set the door locks to work in the following ways:
    1 click of unlock button on key unlocks drivers door (default) or all doors.
    Putting car in park unlocks drivers door (default) or all doors
    All doors lock when car is put in gear(default) or at 12 mph
    Door relock setting 30 sec (default) or 1 min
  • vrossvross Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for the locks info. I have had my car Black on Black LS 430 for three weeks with no issues. I love this car. However, I would highly suggest the parking assistance accessary feature. I continually bump into pillars as it is difficult to judge the bumper from obsticles and there is no molding on the bumpers. Just a thought....
  • pedroncpedronc Member Posts: 3
    Purchased my Pearl White '93 6 years ago with 42K and now have 110K. Great car, showroom condition with only the minor dash lite recalcitrance at start up during cooler weather which is November thru February here in North Carolina. Just signed up today, so will be an interested and active member. Plan to move up to a 2001 LS430 in a year or so.

  • billfalikbillfalik Member Posts: 4
    I pick up my Lexus LS 430 in 2 days. I have owned BMW's (7 series) for 20 years. I just was wowed by the comfort of the LS and the quality of the GPS system. Any hints on asking the dealer (Serramonte- Daly City, CA) what to pre program for me. Also, any suggestions on a good hands free cell phone system. The Lexus cell phone at $3,000 is just too pricey.
  • bcleepebcleepe Member Posts: 53
    I don't know much about car cell phone because I don't have one installed on the car. My Nokia hand held works fine with a handfree attachment.

    As to the program on the LS, the first change is free. Unless your dealer's pre-program doesn't count to the first free change, I suggest you try out all the manufacturer default settings for a few weeks before deciding to change any. After I have my LS for a few months, I decide to keep the default settings.
  • stevesteinstevestein Member Posts: 263
    on lock settings and default values.
  • josephhkimjosephhkim Member Posts: 2
    hi my family recently bought a 2003 ls430 with ultra luxury pakage. We chose it over the 430sclass and the jaguar xj. Was this a good disition. we don't care too much about looks. mostly just technology and reliabiliy.
  • dwitydwity Member Posts: 3
    I bought my car about 5 years ago with 23k on it. It now has 71k and is in like new condition with three excpetions: lcds on radio are moody, drivers heated seat does not work and front suspension "creaks" when changing directions. I've seen these cars with 300k on them and they are like new. It is truly an impressive automobile that gets 25mpg and goes like hell when you ask it to. Cost of maintenance is very low and the build quality is exceptional.

    Best Regards,

  • kghoshalkghoshal Member Posts: 1
    I am new to the LS Owners forum. However this is my second LS --- had a 1999 LS400 which I turned-in in 2002 to get my current LS430.

    Can't tell if I am overly squeamich about my cars but can anyone comment if the LS430 is "noisier" than the previous LS400? The dealer has been more than generous in accommodating my paranoia -- going to the extent last year of even offering to give me a different car after about a month of purchase (I didn't accept that generous offer -- accepting to get different tyres put in instead).

    After having driven this car for more than a year now, I still feel there is more wind-noise and road noise than the prevous generation of LS. Any comments?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Are a BIG part of the noise factor. For most quiet do not use all-season, only "summer" tires. I've found bridgestone turanzas to be the best. Oh, and anything above 16" wheels will add a significant level of noise.
  • carolinecaroline Member Posts: 2
    you sound pretty knowledgeable about these 430's and i just joined the club and just took delivery of a 430 and my husband liked it so much he bought the UL to be delivered in a couple of days. we are converts from BMW 7 series. what do you know about bluetooth adapters for cell phones to communicate with the 430. i just bought a DC600 to go on my motorola T720 but i haven't read through the directions yet--i'm still working on the lexus and navigation books. will be grateful for any info you can share.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    Suggest you post this to "LEXUS LS". There have been several postings on BlueTooth. It is my understanding (2004 LS430) is BlueTooth compatible. You need a phone that is blue tooth capable, then register the phone with your navigation system, and start talking.
  • stevesteinstevestein Member Posts: 263
    Caroline -
    My LS is a 2001, so no experience with Bluetooth yet. When the LS goes in off lease my wife is getting a 2005 RX which will have 4th gen Nav /w bluetooth. Hopefully by then Verizon will have a bluetooth phone so I won't have to work with adapters. Rgsw is correct in that quite a few of the 2004 LS owners have been discussing their bluetooth experiences on the Lexus LS board whaic is much more active, and I also recommend going there. Congratulations on your purchases. They are simply marvelous cars. Never looked back at MB once I got a Lexus. I will be getting another LS in 2007 (just leased an SC in an "wild and crazy" moment..also great, but very different. No regrets, but couldn't see having an SC, RX and LS for just my wife and I.
  • 19331933 Member Posts: 3
    Hello Everyone just a few annoying problems with the 2004 LS430 that I don't like.I think most people are so exciteded to be driving one of these cars they don't notice anything else.
    1.A few seconds of hesitation when accelerating.
    Dealer says this has been going on since 1998 and is a engeering problem.
    2.When braking heavy and then release brake pedal car continues to brake real hard.
    3.Can not start car after parking car with front wheels a little crooked.
    4. This car is over engineered.
    5. I wish I had my old car back.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    As for the hesitation in accelerating, I had the new transmission put last week and I believe it has a lot less hesitation. Maybe it's just me, but at least I'm happier about it. As for the braking, I can imagine that the computer force that is applied for panic braking does not come off as fast as you do. That's interesting, may require a bit of tweeking? The front wheels crooked gave me quite a start the first time it happened. I jiggled the wheel a bit and it released. I now have an automatic response to jiggle the wheel if the ignition seems like it's tight or locked. Don't even consider it a problem any more. No comment on Over Engineered or wanting my old car back.
  • jerry5505jerry5505 Member Posts: 13
    Hi! Just wondering how you like your LS430 by now? I have had mine since last Nov and like it very much. I had a 1997 LS 400 before. The only problem I have is I don't think it rides as smooth as my 97. They tell me its because of the 16" tires. One thing I like is the service it has given me. In the past I have also had a 2000 RX300 and a 2002 RX300 with no problems. I think Lexus is a very well made car.
  • jab2jab2 Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing the 430 LS. Have been driving a Cadillac Seville with front wheel drive. I sense caution from the sales rep who recommends snow tires on all four wheel. Any experience with this and results?
  • ripplesripples Member Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum.My Lexus LS430 (2001) does not respond to the commands of the the controlling key.Does not start but the fan rolls,key remote does not lock centrally any more,security light blinks continously,i guess this means means the the systems are coded. I am an electrical engineer and am overwhelmed. I need urgent advice on this problem. ([email protected])
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    We encourage our members to post their problems and solutions here. That way all can benefit.
  • dexmondexmon Member Posts: 8
    Hi I am new to this forum. I am a Black Car driver in New York City who drove Lincolns for 12 yrs.I decided that it was time for a change so I started looking at MB,BMW & LEXUS. After doing some research I concluded that the LS430 was the best and most reliable big luxury sedan on the road. I bought my LS 430 ON 1/31/05. I love this car so much I love the way it looks I love the way it handles. The only thing I don't like is that when I release the brake pedal you hear a little creaking sound. I ask the dealer about it and they said that that is the sound of the brake releasing and that is normal. I also wish that they would give it 6 inches more rear legroom.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    I suggest you go to the dealer and try another LS430 and see if it has the same characteristic, i.e. makes the same sound as yours when releasing the brake. My 05 does not do that. As for the back seat leg room, I've always been pleased with the amount of room in the back seat of the LS430. I'm afraid they would want another $10K for an extended version. Enjoy your new car.
  • dexmondexmon Member Posts: 8
    Hi thanks for that piece of advise. I think that I am gonna do that on Monday or Tuesday and see what happens when I release the brake pedal.
  • leonardwleonardw Member Posts: 4
    Just took delivery of my LS 430 (2005) , Wonderful car in every way except the ride. The car rides a little better than my old pick-up truck. After reading about the LS 430 wonderful ride in all the reviews,I'm thinking maybe I have the wrong suspension. My LS 430 has the 18" rims and all weather tires.I there something I can do to correct this problem? Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice about this problem.
  • sargeusmc57sargeusmc57 Member Posts: 12
    Hi Joseph, Congratulations on your purchase of a fine motoring machine. I think that it was just a real great purchase; don't look back they might be gaining on you. Just kidding. It is a great car and you and your family will enjoy many, many hours of luxury car cruising. SemperFi
  • leonardwleonardw Member Posts: 4
    I just returned from the tire shop,and they tell me that the reason my LS430 rides so hard is the 18"wheels and the high performance tires(Dunlop) So I guess the best thing I can do is go back to the dealer and ask them to install the original 17" wheel and tires on the car.I only have about 150 miles on the car so I hope they will do this.
    I would appreciate if anyone can give me any help concerning this. Thanks.
  • 98ls400mi98ls400mi Member Posts: 1
    Yes - my car now has about 80,000 miles and "creaks" as well. You can especially hear it when going up the incline of my driveway at low speed. Anybody know what this is?

    Also moonroof shade has very annoying rattle as well as the driver's side door.
    Other than that, best vehicle I have ever owned. Outstanding engine, smooth and powerful, avg 23MPG! Superb workmanship and finish. Seats are very comfortable for long cruising - this car is the best interstate cruiser around. A bit floaty, but supremely comfortable and responsive. And reliable. Scheduled service, that's been it. Just a great car!

    Michelin Energy MXV4 tires are excellent for ride, but horrible in snow. And that's being VERY kind. Very, Very kind. Anybody have a suggestion for a good all-season tire that actually has SOME traction in the snow?

    Local dealer here in Michigan is wonderful, best service I have ever had - and that's saying a lot as I have had some excellent experience with previous cars and trucks I have owned over the years.
  • sv7887sv7887 Member Posts: 351
    That creaking is likely front suspension bushings. I had that done on my 92 LS for only $142..You also may need shocks done at the mileage. That could be shocks or just the bushings. Make sure the Power Steering fluid is changed regularly. They tend to leak if this is neglected and can take out the alternator.

    I'm surprised the MXV4 isn't working for you. They are standard equipment on most luxury cars.. I have those on my 92 and drove it in the middle of a nasty Boston snow storm with little if any problems..They've been a real winner in the winter. What speed rating are your tires? I have a H (130 MPH) rating on mine. I'm a real Michelin man,...Another good tire set are the Bridgestone Turanza LS-H...Ever consider getting a rim/snow tire set? If you're planning on keeping your 98 you can get a moderately priced set from TireRack. (Bridgestone Blizzaks cannot be beat, WS-50's in particular). I think the bolt pattern for the new LS430's is different so I'm not sure they will work on those.

  • jmaplejmaple Member Posts: 1

    Do you still have your 1995 LS400? I have a 1996 LS400 purchased in 2001, has 79,000 miles and is running great. Had someone ask me last Friday if I bought a new car!

    Plan on keeping the car a long time!

  • paulrlpaulrl Member Posts: 11
    I bought 05LS430 on Dec 04 with 18" rim ,on the way home feel like driving a truck.Next morning i went back to dealer [Grape vine,Tx] ask manager to change back to 17" He said OK.
    On the way back home feel completely difference
    17" has more rubber,smoother than 18",thanks god
  • irishvolirishvol Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a perfect '98 LS400. What a dream auto! Never experenced anything like it.
    I have 2 questions: First: Should the trans be shifted manually or will this cause damage? Second: Will replacing the 225-60-16 tires and wheels with 245-45-17s effect the electronic readouts and speedometer? They are one of 3 sizes suggested for +one replacements along with 225-55-17 and 235-50-17 but there is actually a much better selection available in the 45s.
  • leonardwleonardw Member Posts: 4
    Hi! Have had my 2005/LS430 for a month now and I'm very disapointed in the ride.It was delivered with 19"wheels and tires.I'm think the car has the capibility of riding much
    better with 16"whells and tires.I'm told the LS400 had a very smooth ride wit the 16" wheel.Can anyone coment on any problems with a change like this.Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    Never heard of 19" wheels on 2005 LS 430. They come standard with 17" wheels which I prefer. The sport wheels available from the factory are 18" and most folk believe they do ride firmer. Many customers have returned the new LS 430 to the dealer and exchanged for 17" wheels. Good luck.
  • ggeorgeggeorge Member Posts: 4
    Recently bought a 99LS400. The lift supports were weak and sagged down. The Lexus dealer quoted me a cost of approximately $230 to replace the both of them!! I checked Advance and Autozone without success. I replaced both of my 91Cad lifters for $40. More like it. In the meantime I bought a pair of vice grips to snap onto one of the lifters. Works great. My mechanic said he always uses the same technique. I hope I don't have similiar costs for other future minor repairs. But I sure love the 400.
  • jmcdanieljmcdaniel Member Posts: 1
    Purchased a beautiful LS430 in Briarwood, but after 5000+ miles I have a couple of problems. I cannot seem to get comfortable in the drivers seat! Also the ride is very poor compared to my 96 LS 400.

    Anybody else have similar complaints?
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    Suggest you post this to the "LS430" or "Owner's problems and solutions" forum. This subject has come up before. Suggest you do a "search" at the top of the forum for "LS" or "Owner's Problems and Solutions". I got quite a few hits when I typed in "seat comfort". Most folk praised the driver's seat, a few had the same general comments that you have.
  • saudiowner1saudiowner1 Member Posts: 11
    I have an 2005 LS 430. I will be moving to Italy and I am planning to ship the car too. Do you know where could i buy a navigation CD for Italy in english support.

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