How can I tell if my Mercury Mountaineer transfer case has gone out?

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I have a 98 Mountianeer 5.0 all wheel drive that decided to jump out of gear and not shift back in. It sounds like it is in netural. It will not shift into any gear. I have been told Torque Converter, flywheel bolts, and transfercase. I am not sure where to begin.


  • thehandymanthehandyman Member Posts: 5
    Dude that is one off the worst nightmares off any vehicle no matter the make. There is no telling what it is until you tear into the tranny and check your clutch if it is manual. Other wise were the clutch is there will be the auto airbag shifter. To be honest technical terms I do not know but it looks like a donut off the sorts and that is what releases out off gear and slides back in.
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    Does "park" work or will car the car not hold?
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