Questions about radiator cooling fans. Mercury Grand Marquis.

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From what I understand from research, the radiator cooling fan has to be running when car is idle. Mine is not. I tried switching the relay and fuses under the hood, but that did nothing. Then, I saw that you could hook jumpers from the fan directly to the battery, so I tried that, and the fan didn't come on. Would it be more than likely that the fan motor went bad?


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    If you have power going to the motor and it does not turn, ya the motor has a problem.

  • murkeree_ownermurkeree_owner Member Posts: 2

    So, I got my new fan and it doesn't turn on. I checked the fan by jumping it from the plug directly into the fan, not through the controller (?) Would that have made a difference? I thought I had to start with the source closest to the fan and work my way backwards.

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