Is this a good deal? 2014 BMW 335i lease.

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Can someone please help me. Below is what I was offered on a 2014 BMW 335i xdrive exactly as they sent to me. Is this a good deal? If not, where should I ask for more? I am in Seattle and a current BMW lease holder. They have some deal where I can get out of my lease early if I lease another BMW with no added cost to me. Thank you.

  • MSRP: $59890
  • Discount: $3140
  • AWD Credit: $1250
  • Conquest Credit: $750
  • Selling Price: $54750
  • Lease Term: 3 years
  • Lease Mileage: 10k
  • Money Factor: 0.0017
  • Residual: 63%
  • Lease Acq Fee: $750

  • Total cash down:

  • 1st month payment: $716
  • Licencing est. $269
  • Doc Fee: $150
  • Overall cash down: $1135

  • Monthly payment: $716.

Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I figured the MF was high from browsing the other comments in the chat. But as far as my numbers being wrong, I put in there exactly what they gave me? Can you give me the math that gets to the $683 so I can prove it to them? I really appreciate your help konacoug!

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    Hi rob

    I used the numbers u provided and plugged them into the edmunds lease calculator. I would ask them to provide with an itemized list of charges. I rec u send an email to Greg P [non-permissible content removed] at pacific BMW in la with your build request and see what kind of numbers he gives u.
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