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Olds Alero does not start

slicker2slicker2 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Oldsmobile

Hi: I have read that other alero owners have had problems with their car not starting, I too have that problem, car stalled would not start, was not getting any fuel, had to be towed, once home,I started to jack car up, put jack stands underneath, to pull out gas tank and replace fuel pump, for grins I tried to start car and it started, took it for a drive, sat for a few days, would not start, jacked back up in air and it started, unreal or what? I could hear the fuel pump start when turn on the ignition switch, let sit on jacks for a few days, went to start it it turned over and started then quit, saw some smoke underneath, there was a plastic sending unit or something? near the gas tank that wires fried, so I replaced the wire harness unit now I'm back to no starting, even jacked up, whats up with these Alero's any solutions to fix?

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