97 Nissan Pulsar thermostat.

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i have just replaced the thermostat in my 97 pulsar running a ga16de engine, the old one was stuck open but if left idling the fan would switch on and off as normal but now once on it stays on unless i drive up the road a bit, once parked and left running the fan starts and keeps running once again, the old thermostat was a genuine one and had 76.5 deg stamped on it, the new one has nothing stamped on it or the packaging it came in, could it be that the new thermostat is too higher temp range or should i replace the fan sensor?....


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209

    good questions/ideas. indeed if the new thermostat were for a higher temp, that would cause the behavior you describe. is there a temperature gauge on the dash and does it show you a higher steady-state temp than before? ?oven thermometer on radiator/block might give you decent idea of coolant/oil/block temp?

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    hey thanks yes temp gauge showing as normal (same as before) sits about halfway am going to get a genuine thermostat this week and try it out, has been driving fine as it is but just hate the fan going all the time, does seem to take forever to warm up in the mornings as well....

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