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Service Recommendation by Honda Dealers

fishgolf4funfishgolf4fun Member Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Honda

My CR-V has 48000 miles on it. Every time my Service Minder tell me to take my car for Maintenance, it seems it cost over $250 because they have to replace things like Interior Cabin filter at 15000 miles, Automatic Transmission fluid changed at 30000miles, Brake Fluid Service at 40000miles( this service alone was $225) and now at 48000 miles they are saying I need to replace Power steering fluid ($139.95) and Throttle Body fuel injector service for ($239) and new Battery for ($139) Oh, and lets not forget its time to change the cabin filter again $98.95! Over $600 recommendation service at 48000miles over their regular Service minder cost for a Honda was a bit questionable and I had them just stick to the Service Minder service only and I am reaching out to CR-V owners to see if this is normal service cost for owning a Honda. I have owned Honda and Toyota in the past, and I really don't remember costing so much to maintain a vehicle. I'm convinced to try Honda certified mechanic for my next service and I think I will have my husband change my car battery, but if owning a Honda is going to be high maintenance car, I would prefer looking at Toyota or even luxury line of cars that include maintenance. I would really appreciate your input, since I do love my CR-V 2011 EX-L 4WD.


  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165

    Your dealer service manager is probably making a bundle off of you in commissions. Stick to the owners manual. I had a Honda dealer like that and after a few of those rip-off attempts, I switched to a different one. Usually if you respond by asking where it says that in the owners manual the service manager will back off. If they keep at it, it probably just reflects the attitude of the entire dealership toward it's customers (patsies). BTW, this screw over the customer attitude isn't just at Honda dealers.

  • fishgolf4funfishgolf4fun Member Posts: 2

    Sad fact is I changed the dealership after the dealer I purchased the CR-V seemed to push me for extras to a Honda dealer service dept closer to my home and it looks like 2 out of 2 is pushing for extra service... so yes, I think I will get a second opinion using yelp reviewed mechanics near my home. You think they catch on that they loose more customers if they over charge all the time.

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