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I'm into keeping my LS 430 pristine. I can't find a good quality 12V vacuum cleaner. Anyone know of one?


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    Welcome to the owners club. I had given up on anyone else posting here, but since it was still on my subscription list your post poped up. They have added the LS430 to their list of models, and you can now put it in your profile.

    I haven't found any low voltage vacuum (12V, rechargable or battery) that was very strong. A small 120V handheld (like the Red Devil) is easy to maneuver and very strong. Some models also come with attachments that you can use to get into the odd nook or cranny.
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    Thanks Steve. I wanted 12V because I don't think an outlet will be available in my new condo parking spot. I read your bio. I did the same thing. Had an E320 and looked at S430. Waited for the LS 430 to arrive and switched instantly. That was September. No regrets. Perfect car.
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    I've had a 2000 LS 400 since February and love it.
    I'm wondering where online I can purchase
    accessories/parts for it. Right now I'd like to pick up another CD holder to be able to carry a variety on long trips.
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    I don't know of any LS-specific device (and would be glad to hear of any), but I find that your run-of-the-mill zippered CD wallet fits snugly in the slide-out drawer built into the front of the front seats. But I still have jewel boxes in both glove boxes and the driver's side pocket. Too much music!
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    With the light Ecru light color, the floor mats in my LS are getting dirty very easily. My dealer (Pleasanton, CA) just came out with a clear color plastic floor mat set. It solves my problem at least maintenance wise but I hate the plastic feel. Are there any better alternative out there?
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    I own a LS400 95, and contemplate putting in the Nav system pulled from a 99 LS400. Will it fit? Can a car audio mechanic do it ? Thank you for your reply.
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    clear mats...I have them and really don't mind them. They are more utilitarian than luxurious but decrease the "stress" of keeping the ecru carpeting clean. It was a mistake for Lexus not to put in a darker complimentary color for the carpets with the ecru leather.
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    I just replaced 2 of the 4 oxygen sensors on my 93 LS400 with 47k miles on it. What do these sensors do? It can be pretty expensive to have this done. The dealer told me not to be surprised if the other 2 go soon...Besides the annoying "check engine" dash light that goes on, do I need to replace these sensors? Thanks, Mark
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    Here you go!!! I am going to order one.

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    Here is a product for those looking for a powerful vacuum to clean their automobiles.
    It is a 900-watt power vac with cyclonic action. It is a bagless system and in the ad it shows a picture of someone cleaning the interior of a car. Check it out at

    It is priced at $69.95 + S&H, product code ZZ-2670 and it says to mention promotional code 22570 to receive the special introductory price. Their phone number is 800-399-7858 and the ad appeared in July issue of AMI Auto World Magazine, page 31.
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    Looking at the purchase of either a used GS 300 or LS 400 which one will last longer with the proper maintainence? Or is it a toss up. I like to keep cars till the wheels fall off. Would it be better to wait a few years for the LS 430's to come off lease? I really do not like US auto's anymore.
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    I'd take an LS400. It's a tank.
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    Is their a way to convert my ML/NAV system to a DVD player with TV preferably
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    Does anyone know if the Radio Control on the steering wheel in standard in a 2000 LS400? What is the function button used for on the steering wheel? My Heated Seats sometime lose their heating capability, is this normal?
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    I'm pretty sure the steering wheel radio controls have been on the LS for a good long while.

    As for the heated seats, I believe they don't come on if the outside (inside too?) temp is above a certain level.

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    My dealer ordered gray floor mats to go in my Opalescent pearl/ecru LS430. The mats match perfectly the gray dashboard/door trim. Looks great--shows no dirt.
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    Has anyone added an after-market NAV to their LS400?
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    My wife has a 2002 330 BMW. After owning it for one year she received a complimentary update CD for her navigation system. I had (just sold to get a new LS430)a 2002 LX470 and had to call four dealers trying to find out if there were updates in the nav system. Finally the fourth dealer said he could get one, for FIVE HUNDRED dollars.Too bad, as that doesn't seem in the spirit of Lexus.
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    Are there any of us who weren't promised the first update free when we first purchased a Lexus w/Nav??
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    niceputt, the first difference is that unlike the BMW nav system, the Lexus one is useful. The BMW one is flat out terrible to use.

    wwest, I got my first nav upgrade for free.

    I'm about to buy an upgrade since it's been 2 years.
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    even though Lexus changed the policy beginning with my 2001. At my dealership sales and service are in separate locations. Service informed me of the charge when I requested the updated DVD, and I went back to my salesman. He was still telling customers the first update was free, and was surprised to find out otherwise. In any event, they authorized the new (2002) disk and installation without any hassel whatsoever.
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    I had mine update free just two weeks ago. I got the same story that it was not free any more but I told them that the salesman said it was free when I bought it. They want to keep customer happy and gave me free update.
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    I've been considering installing " XM SATELLITE "
    radio in my 03 LS but have been told by the installer that the antennae cannot be tied to the existing Lexus system. Can any one advise me? I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel is there a simple answer?
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    Go to They have an aftermarket unit for the Lexus that will enable you to install an XM unit controlled through the existing radio. Pricey, but I believe its what you are looking for. I was given the site because I was looking for the same thing to fit my 04 Sienna. Vaistech e-mailed me and said that it was only for the Lexus at this time.
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    this may sound silly and trivial, but i'd like lexus to make a belt/belt buckle with the neat little "L". has anyone ever seen one or how can i tell them to start making them and selling them at the dealerships (and other places) along with their other accessories. just a thought. i love my LS430--who wouldn't!
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    Hi, I'm a first time "poster" I hope i am doing this correct. I just purchased a 1994 LS400 and I am looking for the gold emblem ( LS400) only. They didn't put that emblem on the '94, only from "95 and on.I tried the local Lexus dealers but they want too much $$.Also tried the wrecking yards but to no avail. Does anyone know a parts supplier that might handle this? I have located a gold plated one , but it doesn't match the OEM, which requires an electrical process applied over the gold.I have read some good discussions on how to remove the emblems.If anyone has one for sale let me know..
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    Does anyone know what version of the Nav CD will update my 2002 NAV data? I know V4.+ will not, and I suspect that 3.3 won't either.
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    There is really no OEM gold plated emblem. It all depends on which dealer installed them. Some dealers do electroplating which only costs the dealer about $100. The problem with this is the quality sucks....a year and the gold will look bad. The other(I don't know what it's called) is a lot more expensive but will last a bit longer. Either way gold trim is not that great, all the methods used have their limitations, and the gold looks pretty crappy with oxidation after a few years.
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    Thanks for the comeback. The dealer wants $120.00 for the LS400, and I was hoping that someone was going to remove their emblem. You are probably correct, I guess I will leave it off. Thanks...
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    I have a LS430 2004 and my dealer gave me a free update for my GPS.
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    I have Gold emblems on my LS 400 and want chrome ones, wanna trade?
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    Just a reminder, buying/selling/swapping/trading is not permitted in the Forums.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
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    Thanks for the offer, but it's too late, I purchased the Gold emblems which I found on the ebay.
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    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post. I have a 1990 LS 400 with 20's on it. It runs great but, I want it to handle around the corners a little better. I read about STRUT TOWER BRACES but, I don't know how they work. Any body out there know about these or any other way to get these LS's to handle better?

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    You can get one for about half that from You'll need to put it in yourself, if you want to save the $100 the dealer will charge you - but I hear it's simple. Waiting for mine to come out. I pre-ordered the 06 update.
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    I would like to know who the dealer is...these things cost between $250 and $288 ...$500 is a total rip off and probably should be reported to lexus...

    P.S. they are very easy to install and the dealer will charge up to $100 to do it install yourself.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Yep, mine was $288 from Sewell.
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    Hi Movieboy

    I hate to break it to you but you have the wrong car. You should have bought a Honda Civic and then added the strut bars, adjustable struts and lowering springs. The LS is a Luxury Car. It is made for Refined driving. Fast on Freeways slow around corners.
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    I have a 2001 LS430 with the ultra package including chrome Lexus wheel rims. However 3-5 mm bubbles have started appearing in what should otherwise be flawless chrome surface. I was told that this was not covered by warranty. Any idea why the chrome would blister? Any suggestions short of buying a whole new set of rims? image
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    Some dealers have the chrome wheels done locally. You might check with the local chrome plater, to see if he has any ideas.
  • luckylouluckylou Member Posts: 308
    In the OLD days when cars had real bumpers (chrome) that imperfection was due to dirt under the chrome and should be cover either by Lexus or whomever manufactures the wheels.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Yes, but if the wheels were chromed locally by the dealer, there may be no recourse, unless the dealer would pressure the shop to re-do them. I have run into this a lot in my area - to the point that the thing to do here, if you want shiny wheels, is to have the aluminum polished, rather than to chrome your wheels. Of course, polished aluminum tends to tarnish over time, and they need waxing from time to time.
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    just bot a 2002 S430. it has 16 in wheels Chrome....looking for 17 in silver...the chrome wheels are beautiful, but a little much for me. Any help in where to find the stock silver in 17 in....?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I started checking the tire stores in town - most of them have a set of Lexus take-offs that were OEM. I shopped until I found exactly what I wanted at a place called Hub Cap Annies. Traded mine for the new 18 in. 5 spoke wheels for $700, total. Look around, they're lying everywhere around here. I passed on several until I found this set.
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    i am looking for 1 17in chrome ls430 rim 2001 .thank you
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    I have a 1990 LS 400 (1st year model that came out in late 1989). While I only have about 165,000 miles on it, I have heard of early 1990's LS 400's going to 400,000 miles.

    I am biased towards the LS for obvious reasons (I think is too). I took great care of my "white with silver bottom" LS, as this photo (click on it to elarge) shows near the bottom of my blog post:
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    hi, 1st time here, my husband(whom should never know i'm doing this haha) has bought 4 yes 4 radio's on ebay, the problem is, that everything works but the power to the stereo, the power and or light dont come on, but the power to the radio and heating comes on, (same unit), umm he's checked all wiring coming into the stereo and everything looks fine, could it be the stereo's (all 4 of them) please help!! or he will be moving in with you lol j/k
  • unvme81866unvme81866 Member Posts: 2
    so sorry first time on here, i meant to say the power and lights from the radio DON'T come on, but the time light and temp light comes on thats above the stereo itself, sorry i hope i didnt make it confusing, (well i did because i'm confused lol) thanks everyone!!
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    I just purchased a 1995 lexus Ls 400. It has about 150k miles on and it drives great . The problem I have with it is the steering is stuck in a raised position. It track retracts and extends fine I just can’t get it out of the raised position. Depressing the down electronic lever produces a grinding noise. IS THERE A MECHINICAL RELEASE. Can someone please help me.
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    There is a Lexus TSB that might apply to this, one of the sensor/servomotor "molex" style connections is under too much "sideways" stress. But "grinding" probably indicates otherwise. It is not a complex nor altogether difficult DIY task to remove the stearing column covers and have a looksee. Thats what I did to lubricate the servo gears and while I was in there I did the TSB.
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