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My short take after test dive of 2015 XT Premium.
Background: I have 2004 XT - still runs great - and I love it - also have a 2011 MDX.

Good: visibility, acceleration, (albeit tamed a bit versus the 2004), handling, center console/ armrest, paddle shifters, rattle free (my 2004 has had a dash rattle since day one). Quieter (less road noise) and smoother ride (less road bumps/vibration) that 2004. Wind noise still evident but improved. Steering is a little lighter but still good. AWD and stock tires still stick a 270º freeway on-ramp with a smile.

Not so good: Ambivalent about the way the seats feel - less of a sport seat feel than my 2004. I’m 6 feet 175 lbs. And the passenger seat sits oddly high and has no vertical adjustment. Joystick (vs rocker switch) for adjusting outside mirrors feels flimsy.

Overall I'm impressed but seats are a big deal to me - and I keep my cars a while - so much so that if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t need another big vehicle I’d be tempted to drop the $15K premium and get a second MDX.

That said, I’m still strongly considering buying the 2015 XT (Touring). Would appreciate any feedback from 2015 XT owners re seating or any other plus/minus you’ve come up with.



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    My 2014 Forester XT Premium seats are very comfortable. No problem driving across country for hours. The cloth with vinyl trim is much more comfortable on hot days than previous leather. My usual passenger likes the higher seat much better than the lower one in my previous 2010 XT. The ride on rough city streets is not as smooth as the previous 2010. I don't miss the rattles! High speed handling is much improved.

    Acceleration is better than the 2010 XT when I use Sport #. In intelligent mode for better fuel economy (30% better than the 2010) it is slightly slower than the 2010.

    A passenger who drives a 2013 Subaru Outback can't believe how quiet it is.

  • subewannabesubewannabe Member Posts: 403

    Replaced my 2004 XT Premium with 2015 XT Touring. Seats in the 2015 are worlds better, front and especially back. They are not as "sporty" because you sit higher up in a taller vehicle, but very comfortable on long trips as well as in the twisties. Im 5'10", 2015# . Do wish there was power adjustment on front passenger seat..after all, it is their top of the line model.
    The touch screen NAV/MMI is possibly the worst on the market. I'm spoiled because my other car is an Audi A5, which has the best MMI solution, but the new Subaru design is awful. After 8 weeks, everything else about the car is even better than hoped.

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    Thank you saedave and subewannabe. Your thoughtful comments are most appreciated and helpful as I make my decision. Kind regards and safe travels to you both!

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