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2002 Accord vs. 2007 Aveo

zeroxpyzeroxpy Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Honda

Hi all,

I need to buy an used car and I am trying to make a decision here. Below are the 2 options. The two cars have similar price.

  1. 2002 Honda Accord ex 3.0L. This car has 156k on it and it had one accident, which happened in 2007 and I wasn't able to find a accident report of it because it happened 7 years ago. The title is clean, though. I have been told that Accord can usually last for a really long time so I am not sure if 156k is too much.

  2. 2007 Chev Aveo. This car has 80k on it with no accident. The dealer got it from an auction. And I don't know if auctioned cars are good or not. But I have heard that the overall quality of Aveo is no match to Accord.


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