Fatigue from Hybrid Tech EMF?

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i know this is a controversial topic but would like to know if anyone else experiences extraordinary fatigue or headaches from road trips in their prius. i have a 2012, my first hybrid. i love to drive and used to love long road trips. not anymore. after 2 hours or so in the prius i am tired and achy and my girlfriend gets headaches. as a point of reference, i also ride a harley street glide and recently completed an "iron butt" 1,000/24 (1,000 miles in 24 hours). so it's not the seat. that being said, my sig other and i just drove from santa monica to park city, utah to attend a wedding. that trip is 768 each way. i was way more tired in the prius after just 500 miles than at the end of 1,000 miles and 18.5 hours on the harley. and the harley does't come with climate control (the air temperature varied from 112 degrees to 45 degrees during the 1,000 mile ride). so, WTF? i am curious if anyone else experiences unusual fatigue or headaches or other symptoms during prius road trips? i am hoping to get some unfiltered responses before the toyota minions fill this thread with prius love stories.


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    I also have a 2012 Prius. It is the 2nd one I've owned, the first being a 2008. I drove tractor trailer cross country for almost 10 years back some 30 years ago. I put 182K on my 2008 & have about 30K on my 2012. No fatigue at all. I am all of 5'3" standing on my toes and the seat adjusts comfortably and I have none of the symptoms you describe. I am not part of Toyota at all & do not represent them in any way. I would suggest maybe having a technician check your exhaust system for leaks or possibly the cab for carbon monoxide leaks.

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