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Simoniz System 5 Environmental Protection Program

theweissmantheweissman Posts: 28
edited April 2014 in Chrysler
I am in the process of buying a new Chrysler Sebring convertible. After closing the sale, the dealer wants to sell me extended warranty coverage and this "Simoniz System 5" protection for the body and interior of the car, for $269.

I know that consumer wisdom says not to buy this, and after reading some threads in this forum, I think a more effective job can be done protecting the finish of this car, using Zaino products and Hide Food. (The dealer says the Simoniz treatment is applied as a fog, not by hand.)

But he says I can wangle this program into additional annual treatments at no extra cost (just have them do it when I bring in the car for an oil change). So...does this angle make the Simoniz treatment worth buying, or is it, as says, a total waste of money?

I think I know the answer, but if anybody can share their experiences with me, I would greatly appreciate your input.



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