2008 Saturn Vue Electrical Problems

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I have a 2008 Saturn Vue that has been having numerous issues since it was bought new in 2008. Car not starting for no reason, at one point the battery was replaced (on a brand new car with hardly much mileage on it. Problem still persist almost 6 years later on and off.

Since 2008 (new vehicle), the cluster panel (where compass and mileage is located digitally) kept chipping out giving a blinking C only, Diagnostic was done and no problem was found, however the problem persisted with advise given each time to just press on the reset button on the screen return return. After taking this vehicle in on at least 3 occasions the problem was never fixed and now that the warranty is out, the complete cluster has now failed with no mileage or compass visible but a number 7. I have contact the dealership and also GM and their solution is that I should pay for diagnosis to determine the cause although this has been an ongoing issue. I am very frustrated to say the least. PLEASE HELP.


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    junkyard search might be fruitful to find a used cluster to swap in. additionally you have plenty of evidence that this was a problem from day 1 and GM shop tried and was unable to fix it. with all your documentation of years of repair attempts, i think onus is still on GM to fix it, even thought it's the "new GM" now. they should repair your car by swapping in a brand-new cluster for no charge . new ones should still be available. possibly consult with your GM zone office representative to get the repair covered for free. it sounds like the cluster was defective from day 1 and ought to have been swapped by the dealer shop. from the sounds of it, and with your documentation, an arbitrator or small-claims-court is likely to find in your favor. if you politely mention to zone office or whichever dealership that you are willing to go to arbitrator/court, they may become more cooperative.

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    Thank you for your response. As of yesterday the car again would not start after being parked for only 2 days, I had to AGAIN jump start it, this existing problem again has been happening since the vehicle was brand new. Could the two issues be in anyway related as both have been
    persistent since day one. I will use your advise but so far GM advised I need to do the diagnosis (at my cost) and "they will see what can be done". I hope this does not end badly as I am beyond frustration at this point, especially as even after I get the car boosted and go on the road, there are times where after parking it for a couple of hours or less it has to be boosted again. Any advise here. Thanks again. Oh, part of my problem is that the Saturn dealer that I bought the car at and kept taking it back to was closed a few years ago and since some of the times all they did was push the reset button for the cluster, there is not a lot of history expect the 1st time the dealer did a diagnostic. The salesman would have been helpful here as I went back to complaint to him on a few occasions but since they are out of business, it making my task more difficult.

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